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Guard Gossip

Matthew Holt
Matthew Holt

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Sexual Guard Gossip

Post by Matthew Holt on Thu Feb 06, 2014 4:23 pm

After his run in with Miss Trillo and his antics with Brianna, Matthew needed to get away from the whole atmosphere between them. With an aching erection hardening in his pants as he retreated to the kitchen were he knew that he could get his mind of Brianna. He had to hope and pray that Miss Trillo did not tell the King about what happened with his youngest progeny or else he would loose his job or worse his head. 

Matthew could hear the chatter of the other guards in the kitchen as they ate their food on their break before returning to duty.

"Hey Matt" the mixture of mumbles of guards who were now stuffing their face with Tia's home made Lemon and Raspberry cheesecake.

Nodding as he headed straight for the fridge as he pulled out a bottle of water as he spotted that the beers had been opened as he cast a glance around the room to see the other guards drinking them and eating chocolate covered strawberries.

"You know they are for Miss Trillo's donor Cassia" he reminded Callum, one of the station guards at the main gates.

Callum who was stuffing another chocolate strawberry into his mouth grinned and made a joke with Baz next to him.

"Chill dude we are on a break. The King lets us do what we want. Here have one" he tossed one to Matthew who caught it mid-air as he placed it back on the last tray in the fridge.

"They are for Cassia alone Cal, if you wanted some you should have asked Tia to make you sure" he snapped.

Closing the fridge as he picked up his bottle of water, twisting the cap and taking a large gulp of cool water.

"Have a beer, don't be a bore. We gonna need it for the long night ahead. King Compton has ordered that we up security...Again. Christ when will that man loosen up?" Derry chuckled.

Matthew always knew that the guards were stupid but he hadn't realized that they were this stupid.

"The King of Louisiana is at war with Texas Derry. Do you listen to your orders?" he snapped.

"Orders, orders, orders...Blah. Yeah I listen, but come on Matty. We work for a vampire, think he cares if we drink beer and eat this stuff? He doesn't care!" Derry mocked.

Matthew just shook his head in disbelief as he could not believe what Derry was saying, was he the only one that took his job seriously?

"Hey did you hear about the Brianna chick? Screwing the Tiger? The King's progeny's must have a liking for having in rough in the sack....If they want rough I can show them rough" Baz spoke as he grabbed the end of the counter and gave a thrusting motion.

"I want that red-head...She looks like she gives as good as she gets" Ian piped up with a mouth full of strawberries

"Oh yeah....I wonder if she cellar is as red as head" Derry joked.

Matthew took a swift drink of his water as he twisted the cap straight back on and placed it on the counter as he walked around the counter to stand in front of Ian and Derry.

"You should speak of the King's progeny's like that. I don't think he would appreciate to hear the guards that he had hired to protect them speak of them in such a manner Derry....Ian" he scorned.

A moment of silence fell upon all of them as they burst into a fit of laughter as Derry emptied his beer and dropped it into the empty steel sink.

"You got a problem with that? Fancy a go with one of them do you? The red head? The King's piece? Or that human hating whores? What is it to be Matty? The Brunette? Or The red head? Or maybe you want a piece of that Italian vamp...or that girl that she has? Come on who it is to be?" he goaded "I will let you have first pick" as Derry backed up and continued his joke with Ian.

Matthew glanced around at the other guards who had now gone quiet as Matthew's reputation had proceeded him. He was known as the guard with the hot head, he may not have been that tall but he could handle himself very well against others twice his size.

"You want to say that again? Derry?" Matthew encouraged him unfolding his arms from across his chest as they hung as his sides.

Ian's smile soon faded as he slowly backed up to stand with the other guards who were now avoiding any contact with Matthew.

"Sorry man...I am just joking around" Ian held his hands up in defence as Derry remained on the spot.

Matthew give him a quick glare as he turned his attention back to Derry.

"So? Which one do you want? I a guessing the red head....or maybe I a wrong? You want the other one, the younger one. She is pretty new, an animal's cast off...She likes it rough...I might give her ago...Corner her, pin her to the bed and show her what a real man can do....Then I will take the red head...Fuck her like the dirty little whore that...she...is" he ended cruelly.

Matthew saw red as a mist descended upon him as his fist clenched together as he let the first punch fly as it landed on Derry's nose as he heard a crunch and saw a splutter of blood burst from his nose. Derry's hand reached up to clasp his new broken nose as he attempted to gather the blood in his hands.

"You broke my nose....I think he broke my nose....Shit!" he spluttered as he swallowed several mouthfuls of his own blood.

Derry soon back up as Matthew stood in front of him, leaning into whisper in his ear.

"Say that again....And it will be more than just a broken nose...And that goes for all of you. Our job is to protect everyone in this house...Unless you don't care for your jobs or your heads" as he spoke to all of the guards in the kitchen.

Giving a proud smirk at himself as he turned from Derry and the rest of the guards as he headed towards the kitchen door.

"Oh...And put the strawberries back...They are for Cassia" as he called out on his way out.

Well that should stop the gossip among the guards, Matthew knew that he was gentle with Derry but hopefully he got the message as did the rest of the guards.

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