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Infected go away ...

Willa Burrell

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Sexual Infected go away ...

Post by Willa Burrell on Thu Nov 20, 2014 10:13 am

Willa was heading for the University when she nearly ran over an infected .She swerved off the road nearly flipping her car over . Coming to sliding stop with her front end in the ditch.She takes a deep breath to calm herself  and looks in her side mirror for the infected who was laying flat in the middle of the road.It was still breathing ,she had a notion to leave it there but she knew if it got going again it could hurt someone ,so she got out and went over to it .She found out that the infected was play possum ,once she was  top of it the infected jumped up and leaped at her grabbing her by the collar of her new blouse  bringing her face close it its …

“What ya doing out here purdy lady ?”

“Take you disgusting hands off me you infected thing ..” As she breaks free of the infected grasp steps back and gets ready to fight for her life .

“Oh whats wrong darling don’t like what ya see …not handsome enough for you ?” As it rubs it hands all over its body .

“ No I don’t …What happened to you …your sick and dyeing why not go into the sun and end it all  instead of prolonging your suffering ?”Waiting for the attack to come any moment .

“The True Death …yea that would be nice but I cant do it ….I just cant ….So here I am …and here you are …and I would rather go out tearing you apart ….how about that …..you sure smell sweet ….are you ready baby cause I sure am ..” Licking his lips ready to attack ,wanting to die but not having the guts to do it himself .

“Im ready …but I got to warn you Im not like your average lady …Im ready to defend myself monster …you wont win this ..” Getting into her fighting stance she poked her finger out to him and flicked it to him to come to her .

And her did just that like a charging bull head down with freight train speed .She quickly turned out of his way ,he hit the ground but was up just as fast .She turned around just as he had a hold of her hair,she sliped free and hit him hard in the chest .His body was very soft compared to her own it is like the infection was turning his body into mush from the inside out .He hit the ground and she almost got the stake in his chest then but he spun out of her way kicking her feet out from under her .She caught herself before she hit the ground ,she ran to the other side of the road and jumped on his back trying to stake him but he threw her off and hit her in the mouth with a blow that sent her reeling across the road into the  field .She got up and wiped the blood from her mouth .

Willa had enough of this dancing around she was going to finish this now .She walked up to the infected vampire while he just stood and waited for her .It was like he didn’t believe she could do any damage to him or he had enough as well .Because once she got within a foot of him she swiftly lifted her arm and drove the stake into his chest looking into his eyes she saw relief and he imploded into a bloody mess.

She looked around to see if their fight was noticed by anyone,no no one was around .She pushed her car out of the ditch ,cleaned up as best she could and headed home class was going to have to wait for tonight she was covered in goo.Getting back in her car she headed home wondering if this was ever going to end .

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