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Giving notice...

Holly Cleary

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Sexual Giving notice...

Post by Holly Cleary on Mon Nov 24, 2014 11:33 am

A week had passed since she had been to the book store and it was all she could think about .Getting ready for her shift at the bar she could only think about running her own business and how wonderful that would be she was meant to have that store she could feel it deep within her .She had been praying to the Goddess every minute of every day since .Saying little prayers  whenever she thought about it and big ones when she was alone .Driving to the bar was always the best time to have a chat with her .

She and Andy saw the banker yesterday and they had the funds thanks to Andy’s grandmother .They could buy it out right but the banker said to build Holly’s credit some of the monies should be on a line of credit with Andy’s money as a security  , they were there for hours it seems to Holly .But just after 2 hours they were set to make an offer and had everything ready to take the book store over .Mr .Oliver had an accountant set up for them to go with them to make the offer to look over the books ,it looked like everything was ready .

Heading into the bar for what she hoped what going to her last month .She wanted to give Arlene as much time as possible to find another waitress .She was worried about telling Arlene ,she had been so good to her since she took over the bar but this was something she just had to do .She always dreamed of having her own business but never having the opportunity or the right man to stand with her made that dream never come to realization until she met Andy .Andy was so good to her ,standing behind her even if he felt like this was going to be a faulty endeavor he was still willing to give it a try.He believed in her which someone hasn’t done in a long time and it felt wonderful ,she knew with him behind her this was a winner .

Going to back to the office  put her things away she ran into Arlene sitting at her desk humming to herself looking over the shipping orders …

“Arlene I have something to talk to you about …you got some time ?”

“Sure honey ..whats on your mind ..”

“Well Andy and I are going to buy that book store the Moon Goddess Emporium in Shreve Port …So I have to give you my months notice …” Waiting nervously   playing with her rings .

“What …your going to buy that cursed place …I mean …sorry ….But why that place …doesn’t it have bad memories for you ?”

“Well I thought it would …but when I went in there …I was at peace …it felt right ….it was strange ….I felt like I was at home …and its bigger then it was …there is room for a small coffee bar and seats now ..Im really excited about it …what do you think …me a business owner ?” Looking at Arlene expectantly .

“Well darling ….if your happy then Im happy for you …Look at you your going to be joining our womens ranks of business women unite …So that means I have to find some to replace you …that’s not going to be easy ..your one hell of a waitress …oh come here and let me hug you …congratulations honey ..”

“Oh thank you Arlene ..to tell you the truth I was a little nervous telling you …I didn’t want to upset you buy telling you I was leaving …I hate to leave you but Ill be around you better believe it and you have to come and see the place …Ill need help setting up the coffee bar …oh I am so excited …we are going to make the offer next week …were are waiting just a little longer to see if the price comes down just a little bit more ..”  Sitting down to put on her shoes.

“Can you belive it me a business owner ….I sure cant not until those papers are in my hot little hands …got any advice for me ?”

“Just stay positive ..live in the now and make sure you give it all you got ..its gonna take people awhile to come back to it but I think once they get to know you they start coming in droves to your book store …oh Im so excited for you Holly ..”Gives her another excited hug .

“Now we both better get out there or my business will not be doing so good …”

They both head out to the front of the bar where Holly saw that 2 tables came in and seated themselves and were waiting for service .She grabs menus and heads to the one closest to her and starts the last month of her waitressing career with a huge smile on her face .

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