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A talk with Vex...

Willa Burrell

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Sexual A talk with Vex...

Post by Willa Burrell on Sun Dec 21, 2014 11:00 am

While doing her studies she heard a car driving up her drive ,she wasn’t expecting anyone .Vex was the first to get up and look out the windows ...

“Are you expecting anyone Willa ..?”

She swiftly goes to the door and opens it to meet the person out on the porch. The driver gets to the house and she sees that its UPS .She wonders who in the hell would be sending her anything and who had her address to send her anything .Her little piece of paradise was becoming a known piece of paradise and she didn’t like that one bit.The driver got out with a package and proceeded to walk up to her ...

“Miss Willa Burrell ...I have a package for you ....please sign here ..”

She takes the package ,looks it over and signs for it .The driver says his thanks and so does Willa then he is off down her dive again .She flips the package over and sees its from the University .Wondering what they have sent her she goes into the house and opens it to find a DVD of the interview inside...

“Vex do you want to watch my interview ...they sent me a copy ..could be entertaining ..”

“Well lets flip through it and see the best part ...you...”

“I was hoping we couple skip that part and just watch the Deans part ..”

“Nope that part was booorrrrriiiinnngggg..”

He said with a smile on his face .She threw a pillow at him then proceeded to put the DVD into the player and hit play .The show came on vex grabbed the remot control and fast forward it to Willas part of the interview ...

“Now this is what I wanted to see again and it will be a good learning experience for you for next time ..”

“Ok but I don’t want any background bullshit coming from you ...unless its good bullshit of course ..”

She  smiled at him then sat back into the couch and watched as Erica started in on her questions...

“Willa what was your influence behind your decision to go back to University ?”

“Well ..when the first of the infected attacks in Bon Temps killing my best friend Tara I was devastated ...she was my everything ...losing her started a chain of events that lead to my maker releasing me ...so I was truly alone in this world  ...I always wanted to finish my business schooling even before I was made vampire.. so it only made since that I do something for myself since I was by myself ..”

“Can you tell us what is was like being released by your maker ...and being a woman vampire out on your own ..”

“It was awful ...But losing Tara was so much worse because she was the one that taught me everything ..how to live vampire ...being on my own since has been hard but I have a few good friends that support me ...so that helps ..”

“Why did you choose business law as your final degree ?”

“Well thats kind of a long story but to shorten it for you ..it goes like this ...my father put in place before he died laws that keep vampires from inheriting from their makers  ...there are also laws he put in place making it hard for vampires to do pretty much anything legal with their moneys after they pass ..I want to change that ...my father did some pretty terrible things to the vampire race and some of them were putting these laws in place that humans don’t have to adhere to  so why should vampire ...”

“I also feel that since the vampire authority is no more we as a race have no one to help with these matters ...most of the lawyers and legal teams are humans and I believe that vampires should be looking after vampire affairs ... the stories I heard on the streets in the beginning of the Hep-V infection were awful ...vampires losing everything ...leaving their progeny  homeless and penniless...lawyers blackmailing to move vampires to the head of the line in getting help...this should have never happened ...if there were vampire legal teams this wouldn’t have happened ..”

“You sound very passionate about this ...have you always been so interested in vampire politics ?”  

“Thats a hard question ...Im still very young both in the vampire world but also in the human world ...I worked on my fathers campaign while he was alive ...so Im no stranger to it ...But what I have always been a believer in is that we can all manage this world together  ...vampire and human alike ...I believe if we as vampires take back some of our power in the legal and political worlds and work with humans things would be better ...thats why I decided to go back to University ...I want to help the vampire race move forward to help their kind..”

“What is you hope for the University ?”

“My hope is that more vampire come back and take up their studies and become a working part of their community ...no matter what they decide to do ...I would like to see vampire back in politics on judges bench ...we have to rebuild what we lost because of my father and Hep-V..”

Vex stopped it there and watched Willa ,she looked over at him inquisitively...

“Why did you did you stop it ..?”

“Do you really think that it can be rebuilt ..?”

“Yes if the right vampires take the lead ...they will have to want to learn ...want it for the right reasons and I believe there are vampires out there who do ...I hope they see what Im doing and follow suit ..over seas they are doing this and its working out great ...vampires are taking all sorts of courses and taking back their proper place in the world...I know it can happen here ..”

“How long do you think it will take you to finish ...?

“Im looking at about another year maybe two ...depends how fast I can go through the material ...I seem to be able to go through a year of work in a matter of a few months ...so if all goes well I could have my masters in law way sooner than any human would ..”

She smiles and winks at Vex ...

“Do we have to watch the rest ..?”

“No we don’t ...by the way your late doing your perimeter run with the pups ..”

Looking over at Daisy and Torque sitting by the door waiting every so calmly,with Miss Meow curled around their feet sleeping .Yes it was time to go running ,she had left it for way to long .She got up and went upstairs to get her runners  and a hoodie then headed downstairs and out the door with the pups.Thinking ...

“Yes vampires can take back their rightful place and Im going to help them see that they can ...”

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