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A Gathering

Holly Cleary

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Sexual A Gathering

Post by Holly Cleary on Mon Feb 09, 2015 9:54 am

It was time for the Wiccan meeting ,Holly was so excited and nervous .She had been a part of a gatherings before so why she was so nervous she didn’t understand ,maybe it was because she planned on giving over  Marnies spell book after the meeting .She wasn’t sure how that was going to be received ,she hoped without questions about the back of the book .She would watch very carefully how they look over the book and if they go to the back of the book looking for the spell she would know for sure what they were after .

It was getting close to the time everyone was to arrive so she went around and lite all the candles in the back room and on the alter ,now all she had to do was wait .She gave a short prayer to the Goddess for protection over herself and the gathering .Just as she finished her first group of ladies arrived.

She heard giggling as 4 women came into the store ,she met them as they were taking off their coats …

“Hello Im Holly how are all of you ..please come in and make yourself comfortable the gathering room is in through there I can take your coats  if you like ..”

“Oh Hi Holly Im Jan ..this is Mary , June and Rose ..are we early ?”

“Oh no just on time I think the others should be showing up shortly …So as you know Im new to your coven so you will have to forgive me I wasn’t sure how to set this up for all of you …”

As Holly takes them to the back of the store where she had everything set up for the gathering ..

“Oh Holly its just lovely …you have made a beautiful spot for us ..thank you “ Mary remarks .

While they were in the back the rest of the coven comes in ,in a flood of laughter  .Sam was the leader holding the door for everyone else to enter the store ,there was a few more then Holly was expecting but she figured the more the marrier.As Holly comes out of the back she sees the ladies hugging each other ,kissing cheeks and holding hands while they chattered to each other .  You could see this was a very caring coven ,they seemed to love each other deeply and Holly needed that right now .She was introduced around the room and was thanked many times for her efforts with the gathering room .She was almost over whelmed with the love she felt in the room .Once they visited for abit it was announced that the gathering would begin, so everyone headed into Hollys back room and took a pillow as a seat.

Sam the high priestess kneeled on her pillow and raised her hands to quiet everyone down …

“We have come here to give thanks to the Goddess and we give thanks to Holly for giving us this beautiful room to gather in …In giving thanks we look to the Goddess who gives us all and we bow down before her to show her we are beholden to her for our lives …bow your heads and lets pray …  
Oh Goddess, I thank thee today for all that is wondrous and good.
The sparkling ocean that lays in the bay the trees and the plants in the wood.
The sun and the moon and the stars in the sky the grass and the earth on the ground,
Goddess, my spirit lifts so high with thy beautiful designs all around. …
raise your heads ..I give you the four corners  north , south , east and west  …Mary will you please set out the offerings ...Goddess we offer you these gifts so you may shine your protection over us during our gathering …

Hail, Guardians of the Watchtowers of the East, Powers of Air.
Here stands many in need of protection of the mind.
Let the light of dawn surround us in safety,
Let the Aspen tree ground us to Mother Earth,
Let the eastern wind hold us in the palm of its hand,
That We may grow in goodness and light, in the service of the Mother.

Hail, Guardians of the Watchtowers of the South, Powers of Fire.
Here stands many in need of protection of the spirit.
Let the noon light surround us in safety,
Let the Almond tree ground us to Mother Earth,
Let the southern wind flow around us to protect me,
That We may grow in goodness and light, in the service of the Mother.

Hail, Guardians of the Watchtowers of the West, Powers of Water.
Here stands many in need of protection of our emotions.
Let the dusk of twilight shroud us in protection,
Let the Willow tree ground us to Mother Earth,
Let the western wind shroud us from all evil,
That We may grow in goodness and light, in the service of the Mother.

Hail, Guardians of the Watchtowers of the North, Powers of Earth.
Here stands many in need of protection of our body.
Let the dark of midnight shroud us in protection,
Let the Oak tree ground us to Mother Earth,
Let the northern wind keep us from all harm,
That We may grow in gooodness and light, in the service of the Mother.

Hear me, oh guardians of the elements and quarters.
We stand children  of the universe
Beset on all sides by those who wish us ill.
We ask not that you change them,
for their will is their own,
But grant us strength,
that We may shine in the light
Growing in goodness
in the service of Mankind and Mother Earth….We are here tonight in the shade of the moon and pray to you Goddess ..”

She stands up with hands held high face to the moon coming from the sky light .She looks to the other sisters in her coven and each one stands up face to the moon and they start chanting …

“Hail to the Guardians of the watchtowers of the south ,the watchtowers of the north ,the watchtowers of the east and the watchtowers of the west grant us protection ..”

They say this 7 times and then sit sown .Sam shares the minutes of the last gathering then they went over the new business .Which was to make sure their sister Rachel had everything she needed while she went through this time of grief. At this time they asked Holly if she had found Marnies spell book yet …

“Well actually I was I did I find it in a bunch of old boxes in the back of the store room …I was going to give it to you when you left but if you would like to see it now Ill go get it ..”

“Oh please now if you don’t mind we keep all our books together but this one is special and the sooner we get it to Rachel the better ..Im sure she will love to have it back ..”Sam said happily .

Holly went into her office and grabbed the book out of her bag a brought it into the back room  .Sam saw it in her hands and a big smile broke out on her face .She couldn’t contain herself she jumped up and skipped over to Holly which Holly thought as weird .Why was Sam of all people so happy to have the book .Sam reached out for the book and nearly yanked it out of Hollys hands ..

“Um yeah ..here it is …sorry its all dusty and stuff but I didn’t have a chance to go through it at all ..”Holly lied

“Oh that’s ok …no need to go through it ..”Sam said as she flipped through the book carefully as if she was looking for something .As she hit the last page she looked at the back of the book where the spell had been  a bit too closely for Hollys liking .

“So shall we get back to the coven Sam ..”Holly asked in a questionable tone .

“Oh yes for sure …”Sam said distantly .

They headed back to sit down and did their coven things .They talked about their lives ,they chanted ,did some spells and closed it with a spell .Holly was very disturbed about Sams reaction about Marnies spell book but had a very good time with all the other ladies and the whole coven gathering .They made another time for 2 weeks then everyone filed out .Sam stopped after everyone had left …

“I just wanted to thank you for finding the book for Rachel she will be so happy ..and thanks again for hosting the gathering it was fantastic …we will see you soon ..”

Sam walks out with the book under her arm ,Holly thinks the whole thing stinks .She was looking for the spell Holly can feel it in her bones .She and Sam aren’t done with this .

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