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Getting some help ...

Willa Burrell

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Sexual Getting some help ...

Post by Willa Burrell on Mon Feb 09, 2015 11:23 am

The days have flowed by like a river flowing through a quiet forest .Every day the same nothing out of the ordinary .There was school and home and home and school that was what filled her nights .She woke every night with the guilt but refused to feed it in the hopes one day it would be gone .She self talked herself into a walking muttering lunatic .The students at the University have started giving her a wide birth when seeing her coming muttering to herself when walking to class and from class .She had started to hear them referring to her as the smart vamp that has gone a little crazy .But she couldn’t help it the muttering good self talk helped her not kill herself with guilt .

She was walking to her Accounting class head down muttering  when she ran head on into a tiny beautiful red headed woman .Her books and the womans books went flying and so did the woman ….

“Oh god Im so sorry …I wasnt watching where I was going …are you ok ..did I hurt you ..here let me help you up …”

Gathering the woman and the books up all in one swoop she introduces herself …

“Hi Im Willa …again Im so sorry …are you sure your ok ..”

“Yeah no problem …Im Chase …It could have been my fault too I wasn’t looking where I was going either …Hey you’re the crazy vamp aren’t you the one that talks to herself all the time ?”

“Ummm…yeah I guess thats me …do I look crazy …yikes …that’s why everyone stays away from me …I was wondering about that …I didn’t realize I was talking that loud …Im not crazy really Im not ..I just have a huge problem and it helps if I talk it out to myself ..”

“Well …not to intrude but maybe talking to some one other then yourself might help …Im in my 4th yr psychology and Im looking for a client to do a study on ..you would be perfect…it would only take a couple of weeks ..a couple hours 3 days per week ..What do you say ..come on maybe I can help you ..”

“Well it couldn’t hurt and everyone thinks Im crazy anyway ..ok ..when do you want to start …”

“How about tomorrow night after your classes we can meet in one of the empty class rooms …now this will be sent in as one of my papers but your name will not be mentioned nor will your species all that will be confidential …here are some papers I want you to fill out tonight  …they are questionnaires about you ,your life growing up .. family …friends..stuff like that and bring them with you tomorrow …Man I cant believe this happened ..I had almost given up on finding someone and here you just fell in my lap …Im excited how about you ..”

“Aaa.. Yeah excited ..are you sure this will be all confidential …I don’t want any of what Ill tell you getting out ..what class is this for …can I talk to your professor ..”

“Oh yeah for sure ..its Psychology 402 with Professor Green we can go there now if your free he likes to meet all the clients anyway … “

“Sure I am in the middle of classes anyway lets go ..”

“That’s great it just down this hall and to the left ..”

They headed down the hall talking about Willas classes , how she liked the University and what her ultimate goal was .At the classroom door Chase knocked and got a welcoming come in from Professor Green …

“Hello Professor ..this is Willa she is going to be my Client for the project you gave us to work on ….Willa this is Professor Green …he will be over seeing my work and the only other person seeing it….”

“Hello Willa nice to see you …Im glad you are going to be working with Chase she is one of my best students and from what Ive been hearing around the University you may be in need of what Chase can offer..she is really very good ..”

Willa looked abit shocked to hear that even a Professor knows that she seems crazy to everyone ,she had hoped it was just the students .

“Hi Professor Green nice to meet you …yes Chase is very nice and I cant wait to work with her ..but just to let you know ..Im not crazy really Im not …I just talk to my self abit Im trying to work through something and it helps to talk it through …I wasn’t aware how loud I was talking ..it really freaks me out that everyone thinks Ive gone mad …”

“Not to worry my dear …we all go through things ..its how we deal with them that helps or not ..you know ..dont worry what others think …”Professor Green said genteelly.

“Everyone talks to themselves from time to time ..dont worry yourself Willa …once we get into it you wont need to ..Ill give you other tools to work with ..”Chase said with confidence

They say their goodbyes to Professor Green and headed to the front of the school …

“Ok so tomorrow after class we will meet up and start your sessions …this should be so much fun if we do it right …Im sure your not as messed up as you think you are and Im sure your problem can be worked out …walk me to my car ..”

“Sure …I know things aren’t that bad I just have a huge amount of guilt right now and I don’t know how to rid myself of it …of course I have laid it at my own feet but it still doesn’t help …”

“Oh here I am …well we will take care of that ..not to worry …guilt is a beast of another color but not to big we cant fight ..so see you tomorrow ..”

“Yep ..tomorrow ..have a great night ..”

“You too Willa ..Chin up darlin ..”

Willa watched her new friend drive away wondering if she could really help her .She had hopes that this would 1 stop her from looking like a maniac and 2  make living alone easier.

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