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After The Storm

Bill Compton

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Sexual After The Storm

Post by Bill Compton on Mon Aug 06, 2012 4:11 pm

Have you ever felt your mind running around in circles?

As though it would never end?

Ever felt your heart break? Although your heart does not beat?

To become the one thing that you never wanted to become?

Looking ahead of you and all you can see is Darkness?

To stare into a mirror and not recognize the person staring back at you?

To become the cold dead thing that everyone thinks you are.

Floating around in an abyss, screaming at the top of your lungs and no one even looks up.

~Looks at hands covered in blood~

To know that you almost killed the one thing that kept you from becoming the monster you knew you were.

The one that you love....Kiara

To almost kill your own child....Your progeny...Jessica

~begins to wash hands in the cool river, trying to wash away the memories that had burned away in my head. My eyes burning with the sight of what i had done~

Staring into the dark river as it flowed down stream, washing along the bank, leaves drifting as they swept along with the the tiny waves that rippled in a smooth sequence. Watching as the last ounce of blood washed away from my hands into the stream, my eyes caught my reflection.

My face dried with blood, cracked and flaked across my skin, peeling from my face as dried cracked burnt skin. I could smell the mixture of scents that caught me in the back of my throat.

What had i done?

Jessica....My child....My daughter.....All in the name of God!


I raised the stake above my head and began using my force to kill Jessica, for my prodigy to meet her True Death. She moved to grab my arm as the wood pierced her shoulder, blood pooling around the stake, letting out a shrilling scream that echoed the room.

Red tears falling down her face, sent a chill through my body, pain surfaced through me as though i was staked. I could feel her pain ripple through me in waves. The bond was now full open, i felt her pain, everything flood through in giant waves.

I let go of the stake that was still lodged in her shoulder, blood dripping down her body and dripping to the floor.

*End of Flashback*

Feeling my eyes brim with blood, it slowly trickling down my cheeks, felt as hot as the sun, scorching my face. Burning at my cold dead soul, a heart....an un-beating heart of ice.


"You have turned my child against me!" he sneered at her.

He lunged at her, spun her around. With Kiara's back now against his front, he bared his fangs and bit down deeply and savagely on her neck, her scream filled the room and he wrapped his arms around her waist constricting her movement. As he bit down savagely on her neck once again and pulled more blood into his mouth, his primal vampire had risen again.

More blood filled his mouth, and her screams got quieter and quieter

*End of Flashback*


I could never go back.

What have i done?

Looking into the river again, to not recognize my reflection.

I am empty...


The echo of Lorena's laughter filled my ears, a heckling sound echoed my ears as though she was present with me. Closing my eyes, my red tears continuing to fall as free as they could.

Lorena's voice echoed in my ears

"Welcome home William"

As i heard her voice shrilled through me, a hand gently caressed my face in such a loving demeanor. Turning my head to catch a glimpse of an imaginary figure that i knew to be gone.


Her thumb caressed under my eye, catching my blood tears as they fell freely. Whispering in my ear and i closed my eyes to will her away.

"Welcome Home"

She placed a gentle kiss upon my cheek. Shockingly opening my eyes, she was gone. It was all in my mind.

Letting my tears fall as my eyes burned from the searing pain as images flashed through my mind as though it was a movie. Sookie, Jessica, Kiara

All those who i have loved, and had their love returned. I have hurt.


"Bill stop this isn't you!" Jessica pleaded with me. Her tears falling from her soft eyes, the wooden stake still in my hand, gripped in my fresh bloody hands.

*End of Flashback*

Lorena was right....

I was a monster.....

Am a monster.

And there was only one thing i could do...................

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