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Gathering More Supplies

Jason Stackhouse
Jason Stackhouse

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Sexual Gathering More Supplies

Post by Jason Stackhouse on Mon Mar 11, 2013 1:48 pm

Jason could still hear the lingering cries of Jessica Hamby echoing around him like a dead weight he was cheering himself on in his head that he had shot her. Had he killed her? He would soon know soon, but he did not care. She had destroyed him and his best friend, driven him away so that he would never remember him. He hated, loathed what she had done to them..fuckin vampires. They ruin everything.

Jason has screeched his truck to a sudden halt as he slumped forward in his seat at the impact.

"Shit!" he drummed his fingers on the steering wheel as he thought about what he had done.

I am so proud of you Jason. You did us proud

You did son. You showed the vampire that you are stronger than her

We need to prepare son, you need to be ready

Jason pondered a moment, he knew that he would need to prepare. He wanted to take every vampire that came near him and Sookie out, he knew that he needed to get more supplies.

Jason...Jason.....Jason sweetie

"Sorry momma. I was thinkin" he sighed.

Jason, you need to be ready. You have to protect your sister

"But she is with that damn vampire, he's like a million years old. I ain't that smart to kill him" Jason sighed as he bashed his fist against the truck door.

You don't need to be smart Jason, just fast

We have faith in you son. Make us proud sweetie

"I promise, I will keep her safe momma, daddy"

Jason knew what he had to do. He hopped out off his truck and slammed the door behind him as he went to the place where he had been before and will continue to be. He needed more ammunition, and he knew were to go.

Gathering More Supplies 20396452_BG2

Jason stormed into the shop and looked around for the shopkeeper.


And from behind a beaded curtain a balded man appeared dressed in a Khaki jacket and pants.

"Stackhouse....my man. You back already?"

Jason leaned across the glass counter that contained several guns and ammunition.

"Yeah I need more... *he leaned in closer* more stuff" he whispered.

Max leaned in closer to Jason.

"Why are you whispering?"

"Sorry. Just don't want no one listening"

"There is no one hear Stackhouse"

"So you got more stuff?" Jason quizzed.

Max nodded.

"Follow me through to the back" he smirked.

Jason grinned as he followed Max through to the back off the shop, it was time to gather supplies.

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