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Acquiring the WereBitch


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Sexual Acquiring the WereBitch

Post by Zafrina on Fri May 31, 2013 11:17 am

{Her patience had begun to wear thin to almost none. Colin had taken his sweet time in forming a plan to subdue Pam, the Viking Sheriff she fancied deeply, his progeny. What better plan than hurting both of the men who miffed her like she was not worthy of their companionship. In truth, she wanted nothing but more territory....but after seeing Northman in action at the Authority, hearing about his strife and success she wanted to make him hers. Bill had tried to save his sheriff by offering his own hand in marriage, he too seemed worthy. A king after all, it would provide her with more money and rule over his kingdom. Now, both of them had fooled her. This conundrum of a problem had her reeling in anger for a while...until she thought of a perfect plan. The two women closest to them...progenies. Of course, learning that Bill was engaged to another, a wolf at that, made her grin with a plan. Instead of his baby vampire, she'd take the were bitch and torture her. Eric supposedly had a vampire marriage to some blonde human whom she saw no threat to. Her plan was falling into place, sending Colin to procure Pam...she turned to get her men together for the were, knowing her history and all that entailed. Seemed Russell Edgington had created a monster capable of far more than anyone would see her frail form, she was dangerous this Kiara Griffen, but she'd be prepared for it all.}

"It's time."

"Yes your highness."

{She smirked and watched as the men lined up in front of her for last inspections. She'd sought out the best of the best. Were-panthers who had fallen off the map, werewolves who were vicious and out for revenge and two highly trained weres who had been spying on Compton for her for the last few months, bringing back valuable information. Posing as guards for him, they were able to learn things most wouldn't. She used this to her advantage.}

"You are to render her unable to move by those highly potent darts. Gag her, tie her up, but bring her back alive.....oh....and make it...hurt."

{She grinned sadistically and flicked her hand to dismiss the eight men she'd hand picked to do the job.}
Kiara Griffen
Kiara Griffen

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Sexual Re: Acquiring the WereBitch

Post by Kiara Griffen on Fri May 31, 2013 11:40 am

Kiara stepped out of the doctor's office. She'd been poked and prodded all over but the test results had been good. It looks like powerful blood like Bill's had done plenty of good in her body. The doctors were hoping that with a steady diet of that blood and several powerful vitamin supplements they could build up her immune system enough to withstand possible treatment.

She had placed several of the vials Dr Ludwig had extracted from Bill back at her work compound and a few more at the mansion that way she could get them whenever she needed. The Doctors sill told her to take it easy and not overtax her body, especially with the blood. She figured as long as Bill or someone was with her to help her through the initial reaction she should be alright.

As she stepped out into the evening sun she blinked. The car she and her employee had driven in was there but her friend was nowhere to be found.
"Greg...?" she called out. Maybe he'd stepped out to take a smoke. Despite his habit he made sure never to smoke around her. However her nose couldn't pick up the smell of smoke anywhere. She approached the car cautiously. The driver's door was open still, and Greg's things were still in there, including the unopened pack of smokes inside his bag. She sniffed around. Greg had been here not too long. As she lifted her head she caught the smell of something else and turned.

With a growl she was met with 8 men.. all of them weres. A few panthers which reeked and some wolves. However she recognized two of them as guards Bill had hired. She was about to say something to them before her mind clicked. they were with the other 6 weres and they were not here to help or guards.

"Traitors..." she muttered, her back to the car as she glared at them.
The two 'guards' grinned. "No offence.. but your boyfriend pays shit.." they said before shots rang out.

Kiara dodged several of them, her instincts taking over however 3 shots landed right on her side. She waited for the tell tale burn of bullets but it didn't come. She looked down at her side and noticed they were not bullets, but darts.
All at once she screamed. It feel like acid was coursing through her veins and it rendered her incapable of logical thought for a moment. She ran around, her body trembling as she shifted into her wolf form, the darts falling but their deadly payload in her system. More shots, more darts landed on her and she felt the panthers bite her paws. She growled and yelped, the pain making it hard to concentrate on anything and she shifted back to her human form.

The wolves jumped on her, using more syringes to pump more of the drug into her system. She thrashed and screamed, her body feeling like it was being dissolved from the inside.

The two guards walked up to her. "Nothing personal" they said before they both bashed her head in with their steel toed boots. It took a few hits before she was out cold, blood pouring out of her wounds, her nose and her ears.

They tied her up with heavy steel chains that had spikes in certain places that pierced into her skin so the more she struggled the more the spikes would tear into her. Naked, bloody and dirty they carted her over to their waiting van. Already they had killed her driver Greg, his body in pieces near their van. They tossed her unconscious body into the back of the van. They grinned to each other and drove off.

Acquiring the WereBitch 10sakoy

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Sexual Re: Acquiring the WereBitch

Post by Zafrina on Fri May 31, 2013 11:49 am

"Your majesty?"

{Zafrina looked up with hooded eyes as she fed from the neck of her Mexican meal, withrawing her fangs and swallowing the last bit of blood. Such a tasty morsel he was, her Enrique. Licking her lips slowly, she looked at the guard who entered and retracted her fangs.}

"Yes Martin?"

"She has been successfully detained and is on her way. Estimated time of arrival 1400 hours."

{She grinned deviously and gave one small nod then flicked her wrist as he turned and left the room. She stood from her large bed and to the mirror that hung on the wall, checking her reflection and licking the corner of her mouth with a devious grin.}

"Oh Miss Griffen, we're going to have loads of fun."

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Sexual Re: Acquiring the WereBitch

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