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Standing Up For Himself

Jason Stackhouse
Jason Stackhouse

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Sexual Standing Up For Himself

Post by Jason Stackhouse on Thu Jul 04, 2013 3:35 pm

'Jason, sweetie wake up'

Jason groaned as his entire body ached as he pulled the thin sheet across his clothed body as he tried to ignore the voice attempting to awake him from his nap.

'Jason! Wake up'

"Five more minutes" he groaned as he pulled the sheet over his face.

'Jason Stackhouse if you don't wake up this very minute!'

Jason's eyes started to flutter open as he caught the sight of a sheet of white cloaking him in warmth as he slowly pulled the sheet away from his face.

'That's right champ, wake up. You need to be ready. Warlow is here'

"Mama? Daddy?" he looked on confused, he had not seen them since the car with grandfather Niall.

'That's right sweetheart, we are here to help. Now get up, we need to go. You need to protect your sister'

"Granddaddy Niall is helping me protect her mama. I can't do this on my own" he sighed.

'Yes you can sweetie, you don't need him. He will get her killed, the faeries are bad people'

'Your mother's right champ, only you can do this'

"No...He will protect her daddy...I can't kill a million year old vampire by myself" he groaned again, god his head hurt like a mother fucker.

'Yes. You. Can. He killed us Jason. You need to kill him. All vampires need to die! They are abominations of nature. They don't belong here. They need to die!'

They all need to die? What about Tara? She was a vampire now, she wouldn't hurt him, they were best friends.

"No...Not all of them daddy, Tara...She wouldn't hurt Sookie" he fought back.

'She is a vampire Jason, the Tara you knew is dead. That is a shell that is left behind. Nothing more sweetie'

"What happened to you? Your worst than Megatron out of the Power Rangers....Leave me alone!"

'Don't talk to your mother like that!'

"I can talk to her how the fuck I want! Now get the fuck out!" Jason cursed as he tried to close his eyes.

'Jason....Jason sweetie....Wake up Jason....JASON!'

"WHAT!" Jason threw the sheet back again as he saw Sookie standing over him, glaring down at him. "Sorry Sooks" he groaned as he attempted to sit up in her bed.

Standing Up For Himself TrueBloodS06E03-1188

"Everything alright? You feelin okay?" she quizzed him.

"I'm fine....Everything will be fine" he reassured her.

He hoped.

Standing Up For Himself JasonGif12

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