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John Quinn
John Quinn

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Post by John Quinn on Mon Aug 26, 2013 12:50 pm

Quinn led another donor over to Arabella and continued, smiling as she drank slowly from the young man.

"So as I have been explaining, ours is an even more unique situation than you could have originally perceived. Because of what was done, the change is happening at a steady pace and as far as I know will not stop until completed."

She lifted her head from the young man's neck, pushing him away and licking her lips clear.

"So that is why I could hear a heartbeat still. I was wondering about that. You are as fast and strong as my Maker was, but you can be out in the daylight?"

"For now, that is possible in short intervals, though it is still painful to me. As far as I can understand, I have the same weakness to silver as normal vampires and the UV sensitivity is becoming more prevalent. I am going to continue your Maker's project of training you. You will make him proud."

"Jonathan. You do not seem to understand what my original maker did, do you? I am your progeny. It is you that I wish to make proud."

She stood, walking over to where he was sitting and wrapped her arms around Quinn's shoulders, kissing his neck and whispering in his ear.

"It is to you I belong, in all ways that you wish it..."

Quinn felt distracted for a moment before regaining his composure. He needed to keep her on task. He stood, letting her arms fall away from him and walked to the windows. As he looked out, he could see the distant edge of the sky beginning to lighten.

"Arabella, send your snacks home. It is almost daybreak and tonight we leave Shreveport. You will be going to see where I am from tomorrow night. I expect you to be mindful of how I want you to behave. Where we are going, there is a mix off all kinds, and as such there are different rules. We will discuss those rules during the drive."

Arabella paid the donors and sent them out the door, glamouring them to forget where they had been once they reached the street. She smiled and slipped under Quinn's arm, snuggling against his chest, listening to his heartbeat.

"Would you let me have a small taste before we sleep, Jonathan? Your blood makes me feel so yummy..."

Quinn chuckled and activated the sun shields before walking with her to the bedroom. The transport coffins he had rented were laid out already and he helped her into hers, letting her take a small taste of his blood before going to her day rest. As she kissed the cut on his thumb closed like she walkways did, she smiled.

"You know, we could just share a coffin if you wanted. It could make for some very interesting times as we wake up."

"Sleep, Arabella. Tomorrow night promises to be interesting. I am not sure how warm a greeting we will get so we both need to be prepared."

Quinn chuckled as he closed her coffin and climbed into his own. The little minx was playful, but she knew when to listen. That would be helpful if things went south on Bon Temps.

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