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Sexual Memories Past

Post by Guest on Mon Aug 26, 2013 5:38 pm

1598 Madrid Court of Philip III of Spain

She hated Court life with a passion. All the gossip and intrigue grew old after a while. But her current lover the Duke of Lerma was the right hand man to the King so her presence was a necessitous. She knew her lover was corrupt but she needed the power he wheeled to make sure her daughter had a good match in the terms of marriage. But now she knew through messenger her daughter lay dying of the pox. She needed to leave the court but the King would not allow it. His paranoia of someone trying to overthrow him showing clear when ever he spoke. If her Duke could get the King to agree to meet in private she could glamour him, into letting her leave.

Watching from the back of the throne room she felt her fangs drop in hunger. She would need to feed before she left. And feed she would off royal blood if her lover could do what was needed of him. It was then she saw the Duke beckon her from where she stood. Reaching for a goblet of wine off the table she glided across the room coming to stand before the King. Bowing low careful not to spill her wine she locked eyes with the King. Giving pretending to sip her wine he listened to what the King had to say.

Señora Ortiz, me han dicho que buscan una audiencia privada conmigo. Yo era de la mente para decir que no, pero el duque me dijo que era de gran urgencia que hablaste conmigo. Conocé conmigo en media hora el tiempo en mi estudio. Que más espero reunirme con usted. {Lady Ortiz, I have been told you seek a private audience with me. I was of the mind to say no but, the Duke told me it was of great urgency that you spoke with me. Meet with me in half an hours time in my study. I most look forward to meeting with you.}

"Gracias Gracias a su Alteza." {Thank you your Highness.} Giving another curtsy she turned around and left the throne room her head held high.

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Sexual Re: Memories Past

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A half hour passed and she found herself waiting outside a closed door to the King's study. The door opened slowly and a servant let her in. Entering the study the King dismissed the servant with a wave of his hand.

Ahora la Señora Ortiz ¿qué es lo que usted quiere hablar conmigo sobre? {Now Lady Ortiz what is it you wish to speak with me about?}

Slowly she locked eyes with him as she walked up to him in a slow sexual manner. Once she was in front of him he leaned over and locked gazes memorizing him with her eyes.

"Escúchame y escúchame bien. ¿Vas a dejar que me vaya de tenis y viajar a Barcelona, ​​donde mi hija estaba con una grave enfermedad. Va a permitir que la traiga de vuelta aquí a Madrid, donde se instalará como una dama de honor de la Reina." {Listen to me and listen well. You're going to let me leave court and travel to Barcelona where my daughter lay with a grave illness. You will allow me to bring her back here to Madrid where she will be installed as a lady in waiting to your Queen.}

Keeping him in his trance her fangs dropped and she pulled his collar away and bit him, the flavor of his blood hitting her tongue. Taking her fill he released the bite and healed the wounds with her blood.

Looking at him she broke eye contact and he blinked as she stepped back from him. He blinked as she curtsied in front of him.

"Sí se puede dejar esta noche y estar en Barcelona, en dos días. Le diré mi reina que va a obtener un nuevo señoras de limpieza a su regreso. Puede retirarse Señora Ortiz." {Yes you can leave tonight and be in Barcelona in two days time. I shall tell my Queen she will be getting a new ladies maid upon your return. You are excused Lady Ortiz.}

"Gracias." Leaving the room she moved with vampire speed to her chambers so that she could begin to pack. She had a daughter to save.

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