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The end?

Eric Northman
Eric Northman

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Sexual The end?

Post by Eric Northman on Fri Aug 30, 2013 5:14 pm

He’d ran away. No not run away, he just wanted to be alone. After over 1000 years of existence, he had thought that he’d known everything about humans. He thought them feeble, cattle, maybe an occasional fuck. Surely none of them could overpower him, but he’d been proven wrong.

Everything he had held dear had been stripped from him. First Godric grew tired of living, now Nora. How could such a proud Viking be robbed from his loves by measely humans? No.. he needed time away, time to reflect, to be the solitary vampire he’d always been. The humans had fought back and he’d lost. Lost the fight, lost his sister, nearly lost his children. Even in the one moment where he dared to believe in something else, he was disappointed.

No, fucking Bill with his powers had proven useless. His own knowledge of the world had been useless. Only some fae-vampire hybrid who intended to use Sookie had proven somewhat useful. Even the knowledge that Sookie, once a woman he had loved would be reduced to a vampire’s chew toy had not evoked any emotion in him. All he could think of was revenge. Revenge against the humans, against fate itself.

No amount of avenging had helped. No matter how many humans he killed Nora wouldn’t return. Godric wouldn’t return. His bond with Pamela wouldn’t return. Even though he’d chosen Willa as another child it had been almost on an impulse. He wanted her as a weapon against the governor and that too had failed. Now he had nothing, nothing but this wonderful gift of the sun. But he would trade all the sunlight in the world for his sister, for his maker, for his family.

That had brought him here, to Are, Sweden. This is where is ancestral home stood, now nothing more than a snow covered mountain. Here is where he had died as a human and been reborn a vampire. It made sense that he would return here. No humans, no progeny, no one to bother or even speak to him. He wanted…no needed to be alone. So with the sun overhead he opened a book, plopped a chair and began to read. Maybe he’d spend a few years here, even a decade or so before he returned to civilization but for now, he was content with his plan.

That is, until the gift faded. A mere day or so after his arrival in Sweden he felt a jolting pressure all around his body…then he began to burn. The sun was high above the sky and the snow reflected its now deadly rays until his vampire skin. Everything began to hurt with an intensity he’d never experienced. He could do nothing, nothing but stumble unto the cold snow covered ground and curse the fates for his destiny.

The end? Avaxz
Pam Swynford De Beaufort
Pam Swynford De Beaufort

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Sexual Re: The end?

Post by Pam Swynford De Beaufort on Fri Aug 30, 2013 8:23 pm

"Don't you dare leave me..."

Then just like that, he flew into the air and left. Her heart broke in that moment but the feeling of Bill's magical blood coursing through her veins giving her the ability to walk in the sun was a wonderful gift. Never having seen the sun in a century and a half, she watched on with fascination as the sun kissed her skin and she didn't burn.

After going back to Bill's place, seeing all the others celebrating she joined in and even smiled, did cartwheels. Seeing Sookie, she hugged her and was glad to see her. Life was wonderful, just wonderful.

Until the fucking high from the blood wore off, then it was pathetic how they fucked on his lawn. Frolicked in the sun like a bunch of fae or idiotic humans. It was all very annoying and she excused herself from the laughs and giggles to brood on her own. It was nice seeing Tara smile again, but Eric...that pompous ass had left and she had no idea where he was. As much as she didn't care for Nora, hearing of her death had caused her to step back and evaluate the situation. Eric was hurting, she couldn't feel it because their bond had been broken...she would not stand back and let him deal with it alone.

She left Tara and began her search in New Orleans, followed by San Francisco where it all began. Nothing, she found nothing. No trace of him. The only other sanctuary he still held dear was his homeland in Sweden. She took a plane to get there, much easier when you were able to fly during the day and when she arrived in the snow covered lands of the small pathetic wasteland of ice, she searched. His scent was in the air, he was near....

The sudden tingle of her skin made her look down and see that her skin was sizzling, beginning to burn. Impossible...but how? Was there a time limit to this special gift Bill's blood had? She cursed Compton for not saying anything, a shrill scream from her own mouth as she caught the scent of her burning flesh...no more than her own. She rushed over to the burning person and knew it was him. As the flames consumed them both, all she could do was whisper his name, "Eric..."

The end? Jtv718e

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