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Who is Violet Mazurski?

Violet Mazurski
Violet Mazurski

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Sexual Who is Violet Mazurski?

Post by Violet Mazurski on Fri Aug 30, 2013 10:33 pm

Violet Mazurski is an eight hundred year old vampire, born in Poland in the 12th century. She was brought into a hard world, taught the true meaning of being a Catholic. There was no mainstream or basic way of being religious in her time. It was either believe or become imprisoned and possibly tortured. The church knew all. It heard all, spoke all, and saw all that happened. The Church took it into their own hands to put blame on who they suspected to be a heretic, and although a trial was held; the favor was always for the Catholic Church.

Tortured started later on, but it did start and the fear that each family felt was excruciating on a daily basis. Never knowing if one of their own would be convicted, called forth, and sent off. They were all taught to watch their tongues, and only speak when spoken to; especially by that of the church members. There was no escaping this, plus the thought would never have crossed anyone's mind.

When Violet was turned, it may at first seemed like the worst possible thing to happen, but once she realized that she was free to do what she pleased; she took advantage of this. She was a killer for a few hundred years. That was all she did and she enjoyed each and every second of it. She had traveled all over, speaking her mind to anyone and everyone, allowing her tongue to be free since it was held so much in her younger years. The majority of what she had learned, had stuck deep within her, and would never be forgotten; however she also knew that she was a vampire, a creature brought to life at night, and to feed off of humans for their blood. There were things from both worlds that she could not deny. Temptation filled her as a vampire, everything that the church pushed away was set front row and center before her, and she indulged for many years. Still to this day, as much as she tries to fight, the need overpowers her.

Violet is one of the oldest living female vampires, which also makes her one of the most powerful. She can be killed the same as any other yet her strength overpowers all others. She is not one any other being would want to go up against in a fight unless they are looking to meet the true death.

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