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Thinking About Forever

Nicole Wright
Nicole Wright

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Sexual Thinking About Forever

Post by Nicole Wright on Sat Sep 21, 2013 8:10 am

-she hadn't spoken to Sam in a few days; she didn't feel like it. He had been trying to get her to talk to him, but she had just ignored him. She still didn't understand why he was so upset at her calling their baby Peanut; what was his deal? It was what her mother had called her when she was little, a family name so to speak. And yet, she said it and he acted as though she had done something unforgivable.-

-she sat on the bar stool at Merlotte's, her stomach slightly distended; she liked to think it was from the baby, but Sam had said it was just gas. What an ass.-

Lafayette, can I get another sweet tea and some cornbread? Please?

-he smiled at her , dipped his body and went right on getting her something to eat and drink. He was always so nice. She needed to make some new friends around here; the only person she really knew was Sam. He had mentioned Sookie and Arlene, who was out of work due to her husband dying in the backyard of Merlottes, or the front yard of his trailer if that's what you wanted to call it.-

Here you go, suga. Dontchu eat it all too fas' though. Might upset that there bayyyby.

-Lafayette winked at her, dipped his body again and went back to stirring up the gumbo in the back of the kitchen. She sat there, grinning at him and spooning some rice in her mouth before sipping her tea and sighing. Maybe she could go another day or so without him noticing she was still upset at him. Maybe. Probably not.-

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