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A Witch's Walk

Amelia Broadway
Amelia Broadway

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Sexual A Witch's Walk

Post by Amelia Broadway on Wed May 23, 2012 1:51 am

.. Graveyards... They weren't always Amelia's favorite of places to go but her curiosity was getting the better of her for once. She hadn't fully explored Bon Temps outside of her own home and Octavia's own home. She was still completely lost at times when she heard names of area's or even some houses but she was going to learn and learn fast. The Graveyard since day one had it's own allure to it, it was so old that she couldn't help but want to be near it and just one time at least look at it.

Walking along the dirt path she let her fingers slowly slide over the accent tombstones that sat around and even take glance at some of the newer ones. The dead were lucky, or well that is the ones who stayed dead. They got away from the chaos of this world and the evil that laid right under everyone's noses.

Those who were blind to it even were lucky but at the same time she pitied them. How could she not? Some of them were so blind to it until the last moment that their death's came due to it. But these people, the ones asleep in there graves forever more got away from it all and were able to sleep peacefully for now and they for that were truly lucky.

Slowly as she walked around her mind wandered from the graveyard back to her small problem back at home. Her boyfriend... Bob... Gods she really needed to fix that as soon as she could. She missed having him there as something other than a little house pet, being held by him, the kisses, all of it.

Looking up towards the the sky she paused and started to turn around heading back to the exit of the graveyard to start her walk home, though she was taking her time even getting to the exit. Being out like this away from everything was nice for a change;

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