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A possible solution?

Lafayette Reynolds
Lafayette Reynolds

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Sexual A possible solution?

Post by Lafayette Reynolds on Thu Nov 07, 2013 7:17 am

Walking out into the living room, I saw Arlene's fifty bucks still on the table.  Not gonna accept that.  No fuckin' way.  She's not gonna let me just give it back to her either.  Damn woman is prideful.

What to do?  It's gotta be somethin' that she can't return, and that she can use.

I didn't know if she'd gotten her insurance money yet.  If not, she'd likely be startin' to get into a world of hurt.

Then an idea hit me.  I'll use the money and have a fully prepared dinner delivered to her.  She ain't gonna let that go to waste - she's got babies to feed, don't she?

Picking up the phone, I made a couple of calls, then settled on a restaurant where I wasn't known.  "Yes, this is to be delivered early this evening to Mrs. Arlene Bellefleur at the address I just gave you.  Mind you, don't tell her who is payin' for it, or there'll be hell to pay."

Satisfied that my wishes would be carried out, I went to get ready for my shift at Merlotte's.

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