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Running for dear life

Judith Vardamon
Judith Vardamon

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Sexual Running for dear life

Post by Judith Vardamon on Mon Feb 03, 2014 2:30 pm

'Please, please don't let it be too late.'

These words became Judith's mantra to herself as she sped through the night, towards where she knew her William was at.  Back to Bon Temps, Lousiana.  Judith hated that place with a passion that burned throughout her being but, that was where her beloved brother was at and, despite her feelings towards that little shit covered hole in the ground, she knew that was where she had to go.  

Judith could feel the tree limbs clawing at her flesh, the rocks digging into her feet, and the sun growing ever closer.  She should have stopped and gone to ground but she knew that she was drawing near Bon Temps and so she pushed on.  Once she had gotten to the cemetary, she knew that the sun would be upon her within mere moments.  Finding her way past security took longer than she would have liked, making the urgency rise up in her chest.  She couldn't get caught in the sun.  She had to get her warning to William.  She couldn't let him think that she had betrayed him once more.  

Speeding to the front door, she pounded on the door; knowing fully well that everything would be locked down in preparation for the day.  The sun began to rise above the horizon, causing Judith to feel the burning effect begin at her heels, traveling up her legs and over her back.  Her skin began to burn, as if the flames of Hell itself had descended upon her body.  She tried to hide from the light as much as she could to no avail as the door began to slowly open.  Panic had begun to set in as she pushed her way into the doorway, shutting the door behind her.  Thank goodness the guard recognized her from when she had lived here before and did not shoot her on sight.  Judith could feel the combination of her weakness and the sun pulling her consciousness into the darkened oblivion.  She fell into the guard and looked up at him weakly, speaking only one word before succumbing to the darkness, "William."

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