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The new Bar

Willa Burrell
Willa Burrell

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Sexual The new Bar

Post by Willa Burrell on Tue Feb 04, 2014 10:53 am

I just got back from the bar and everything is running smoothly, we are on track thank god . The only thing left is the inside and that’s Taras thing she has picked out some off the wall colors for the bar but it will look wonderful .The extension will have a more calm look to it being a more quite part of the bar where you can have an exquisite dinner with your donor and some fine dancing. Tara was against it at first wanting Fangtasia not to change but I told her that if we had a place for the more uppity vamps we will improve our bottom line .And since Fangtasia was ours to do with as we please we should make it ours and I would like to increase our client base ,so to do this we need to change .

I wanted to change the whole bar but Tara explained to me that Fantasia had to have its hard side that it what it was known for .So we compromised and added the extension about another two thousand square feet for the restaurant, dance floor  and  the stage for the live band . It worked out so well we have another entrance just to the side of the original, it’s called Fangtasias Excellents.Im so excited for this part of the bar to open I have worked my ass off for this side to work ,we have hired several chefs from several places around the world and here in Louisiana so we don’t miss out on the home town cooking . It’s all so intriguing to see how the vamp world sees the new place . I know I would like a quite place to take a donor to eat their fill on wonderful food , then dance and feed your vamp in a closed off booth taking your time in a wonderful soothing atmosphere. I can’t wait to open .

(Miss Meow comes into her room and rubs herself on Wills leg and purrs ever so loud so Willa hears her and looks down .Willa picks her up and plunks her down on her bed on the couch then starts writing again )

I still haven’t heard from Bill yet he must be very busy ,I have asked the guards about upping the rounds here at the cabin and Fangtasia . Jack the head guard said he could do that for now but they were spread thin as it was and need more hands .I told him I was going to ask Bill for more guards as soon as I could . I also told him that once Fangtasia opened that the new section would need extra guards inside dressed as waiters due to the clientele that would be coming to the new restaurant. Jack said he had just the right guards for that detail there were about five guards that would look the part and even had waiter experience in their past . I told him that would be great but I would not expect them to wait on the clientele just watch for anything out of the ordinary. Of course  I have to clear this with Tara and she is not going to be happy ,she hates that I’m going to have more guards I just know it but there is war brewing and we have to be safe and so do our clientele. I’m just going to tell her point blank and she will have to take it I’m not backing down .Well I better try Bill again and get this guard thing looked after so I can move on to other more pressing matter like playing with Miss Meow .

(She looks at Miss Meow and ruffles her head and gets a meow back and closes her diary and calls Bill again)

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