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Hide and seek

John Quinn
John Quinn

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Sexual Hide and seek

Post by John Quinn on Tue Feb 04, 2014 6:56 pm

Quinn looked at the map of hotels in the region. He had not realized there were so many. He began by eliminating the ones in small towns. Then the ones that were below what he believed her standards to be. He would figure this out. He slowly worked his way down to three hotels in Shreveport. He pulled up the phone numbers and called the first one.

"Yes, this is Tigris Ltd. My secretary misplaced the information of where one of our clients is staying and I am just checking with the local hotels. It would be a very tall woman, caramel skin, dark hair...her son and possibly a caretaker. Is there any chance you have someone staying there that fits that? I understand you cannot give me a name or the room number, but I would like to send over a small gift for our client and I will trust that they will receive it."

"Actually yes, we have a woman who checked in a few days ago, Sir. As you no doubt understand, discretion is our policy, but as much business as you send our way, we can make a minor exception. If the package is delivered with the proper name on it, I will personally see that it is delivered."

"Excellent. My people will have the package to your front desk within the hour."

He buzzed for Tolvin. As the man walked in, Quinn smiled and handed him a small card.

"Yes Tolvin. I have a little errand I am going to entrust to you. You are in fact one of the few outside Vincent I could trust with this. I want you to go to the mall in Shreveport. Go to 'Toy Fair' and find a stuffed tiger cub. Then find a florist and get a single white rose. I want you to take them to the hotel I am writing on this card. Leave them at the front desk under the name 'Tijgerian' and come back here. Do not worry about waiting. I just want to show an old friend that I still have a few tricks up my sleeve."

"Understood, Sir. I'll get right on that."

He watched Tolvin head for the garage and grinned imagining Tij's reaction when the presents arrived.

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