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Making Sacrifices

Hoyt Fortenberry
Hoyt Fortenberry

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Sexual Making Sacrifices

Post by Hoyt Fortenberry on Sun Feb 09, 2014 8:40 am

"....Yes mama......You will love her....Trust me.....No I am not going to tell you our surprise.....You will have to wait....And yes she has been feeding me....Yes I know her cooking will never be as good as yours.....Yes mama.....Okay mama......I shall see you soon.....Love you to mama....Bye.....Bye mama.....Bye mama" Hoyt ended his call as quickly as he could.

As much as he loved his mama he knew that she could be a pain sometimes, but she was all that he had left. But he would not stand for her saying anything bad about Amy or the boys. That was one thing that he would stand up to her about.

Hoyt knew it was going to be a struggle once they returned from Bon Temps but he would make things better, he had already gotten another job working in a gas station working four days a week. With his hours cut at the rig he could afford to get another job to help keep on top of things for Amy, Elijah and Lucas.

He would not go begging to Cael, Amy's brother for money and allow him to have the issue of money hanging over Hoyt's head. He would support his family and not allow anyone to say otherwise. He would work all hours to keep the bills paid and food on the table to keep Amy happy. Hoyt knew it would mean less time with the boys but it would be for the best in the end. They would have everything that they would ever want.

No sleep, and less time with the boys and Amy to make sure that they wanted for nothing was a sacrifice that Hoyt had to make.

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