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I hate him ....

Willa Burrell
Willa Burrell

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Sexual I hate him ....

Post by Willa Burrell on Sun Feb 09, 2014 4:32 pm

(Willa tossed and turned in her bed, she just couldn’t get to sleep she was so upset about Bill and this Arabella .She was so mad that Bill thought so little of her and Tara that he could just threaten them into submission .Threaten to take away the one thing they both had worked so hard on ,the one thing their makers left them for their future .How dare he ,if Eric was here he would never had done something like this and treated her so commonly .   “I guess he has forgotten it was not so long ago he was nothing but a commoner himself ...”   she said to the walls    “ bastard has no idea how profitable the bar and restaurant can be and he is so willingly able to toss it aside ...yet it’s not even his ...” again to the walls. She tossed her covers off and got up ,the bleeds wouldn’t start for a couple of hours .So she took out her diary , thank god for her diary , her favorite pen and started writing...)

I HATE HIM!!!! I do ...I really do ....
He threatens me and my bar I should say our bar maybe  I guess I should say my restaurant and Tara’s bar ...whatever....How could he threaten us with keeping it closed what kind of partner does that... let alone a SILENT one ????He is a psychopath bent on running and controlling everything... Im so glad I got out of the mansion .But how do we get him out of the bar ??? Interesting question ,one I didn’t even think I would be asking myself until much later .But it looks like I will be having to up my plan C a little early ...what a pity.We really still need Bill right now or I should say Bills guards  .

What about Arabella ...She is his right hand now he said so himself...I wonder if she is a good business person and is she her own person or his ??? Does she follow orders or can she think for herself???  She must be vamp because he wouldn’t trust his business to anyone else ,but I have never heard of her .She must have come after I left .I wonder if she is as faithful as the King thinks she is ,she must have come back home with his latest prodigy and from what I heard Bri was none too happy about it .Maybe Arabella is more leaning toward Bri than Bill which would be a nice turn of events for Tara and I .I must talk to Tara about all this before I make our appointment with Miss Trillo ,I know she will have some very important input about our King and Miss Trillo and  how we should proceed with them .I only hope she can keep her head straight through it all and help me make the  decisions we need to make for Fangtasia and our future....

(Willa was getting tired again she knew writing would get all the nonsense out of her head so she could calm down enough to sleep .She closed he diary and put it into her hiding place with her favorite pen ,cuddled with Miss Meow in bed and thought to herself before sleep finally found her     “ Tomorrow is another day ...and I will win that fight for sure ....”)

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