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Its gone.....

Willa Burrell
Willa Burrell

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Sexual Its gone.....

Post by Willa Burrell on Mon Feb 24, 2014 4:26 pm

(Willa was distraught when she got home covered in her own blood tears .She got out of her car and ran up to the house opening the door she didn't know whether Tara was home or not but headed straight up to her room not wanting to see her .She had failed to stand up to Pam and Tara was going to know she failed and she so wanted Tara to be proud of her . She not only failed herself but Tara as well ,she felt  if she had only stood up to Pam then she would be worthy of being Tara's sister  ,strong and true .Someone who didn't let anyone push her around but instead one meeting with Pam and she folded .She couldn't understand why Pam scared her so much she was dead now anyways what did she care if Pam killed her .All these thoughts were whirling around in her head while she was getting undressed and into something soft and cuddly , she heard miss Meow playing in the corner and smiled .)

"Well little one we are going to have more time together ...I mean allot of time together because there is no way I'm working for them  ...Eric can "I command you"  bull  all he wants but I'm not going to do it .."

(She goes to her little kitten and picks her up and snuggles her, smiling Willa takes her diary and her favorite new pen and punks herself down her bed to write her sorrows out ....)

I should known better than to try something different ...I should have known that something would mess it up ...it always does ...

Pam making me look stupid ..I messed up but I know I would have caught it ..I have been just so stressed lately with THEM coming back ....Them coming back ...why didn't they just stay gone ...She took one look at those ledgers and caught my mistakes and I have been looking at them for hours last night ...STUPID ...oh well its done ...its gone ...they will never open it again she is full of shit ...

The one thing besides Tara and my training that was keeping me sane through all this and she took it away ...now what am I to do ...if she had her way I would sling drinks and were tight hooker clothes like her ...well I wont ...I just wont do it ...I wont dress in hooker clothes and sling her booze she can go screw herself if she thinks I'm doing that ....

What about New Orleans .....What about a new restaurant ...if they found out what would they do ...more I command you BS I bet ...But if my mother and step-father opened it what could they say ...NOTHING ....Ill have to talk to my mother about this she will be furious about them closing me down ..who do I say closed me down though ...Ill just say them because thats true it was them ...THEM...I HATE THEM!!!

(She slammed her diary shut and threw her pen across the room .Little Miss Meow meowed in protest and went under her bed .She got up and went down stairs to grab a Royal Blood to bring it back upstairs to hid  ...)

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