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A Connection..

Lafayette Reynolds
Lafayette Reynolds

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Sexual A Connection..

Post by Lafayette Reynolds on Tue Mar 11, 2014 10:15 am

Book after book gave an ever more wider picture of who his Great Great Grandma was and what her life was like .Since she was a free woman she was able to move around unencumbered by the laws other women of color had to abide by ,that allowed her to visit her clients without suspicion falling on her .She had one client she visited most often it was a neighbor that lived just on the other side of the river and this one book noted her often ,it was Willamenia Lynn Burrell . It was stated that she had several ailments and Rae Sue was a well known healer ,so this portion of the book talked about her healing skills .
Lafayette was blown away that his family and Willa’s knew each other way back when .It was almost like he and she were destine to reconnect in this life .He kept reading in the hopes her would find out what happened to Willamenia but all it stated in that she was treated several times by Rae Sue and what she was treated for as Rae Sue kept very good records .He figured he would have to look the rest up on the internet maybe Willamenia might be in there somewhere .He took out this lap top and turned it on and typed in Willamenia Lynn Burrell and roughly the time frame she would have lived and boom her obituary came up as well as a news article stating that she was murdered .

It stated that she died due to some type of poison over a long period of time and the prime suspect was the Queen of Voodoo Rae Sue Reynolds .But because there was no real evidence Rae Sue was later deemed innocent and it was left an open case .But Rae Sue Reynolds was left saying since the beginning it was her husband but nothing was ever done about it .Lafayette did a search on the husband and not two weeks later he died of a heart attack or so it was believed . After reading all this information on Rae Sue, Lafayette believed it was his Grandma that killed James Reynolds for murdering Willamenia ,what else could it have been he was only 38 years old and if his grandma believed that he murdered Willamenia then Lafayette could see her getting revenge on him .She was a very powerful witch and she must have built a bond with Willamenia , “you don’t just go heal a person with out caring for them” he thought .

“I wonder if I could contact ol Grandma and talk to her,she would be the best to teach me ..But it does say in these books she isn’t the nicest spirit …Ol Grandma would you help a bitch out or would you kill one ” he thinks out loud

“Maybe if I tell her about the Willa here and let her know I’m a thinkin about bein her friend …maybe that will get me in to ol Grandma good graces ..cuz Im sure she had ta care for Willamenia …you don’t just heal someone all those times and don’t care for them …I bet she grew to really love that girl ..enough to take revenge on her husben for sure that …ok …I'm gonna do it …damn you a crazy bitch …” talking to no one in particular.

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