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Enjoy The Silence

Dexter Coleman
Dexter Coleman

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Sexual Enjoy The Silence

Post by Dexter Coleman on Sat Mar 22, 2014 10:09 am

Dexter had received his orders via email direct from the King of Louisiana Bill Compton. The King had bestowed Dexter the honour of taking charge of overseeing things in his absence which to Dexter was a great honour. Dexter had only been given the basics about the King's whereabouts but of course he knew that it was information that was only to be disclosed to those who needed to know his location. He had left word with the male vampire friend of Miss Hamby that the King would soon be returning and that she was not to worry about anything.

With the estate of King Compton running smoothly as it could be, nothing new to report to the King other than a few calls and files that required his signature upon his return. There was nothing more that he could do, glancing at his watch, it was time for him to clock off for the evening and have another guard take over his shift. With the King out of the state it meant that Dexter could some what relax in a way, no more early mornings until the King returned. Dexter would never allow his duties to fall behind par, but that did not mean that he could not enjoy the silence whilst he had it.

Closing down the King's office for the rest of the evening, Dexter headed into the parlour where the King mainly held his greeting events and hosted gatherings for other members of Royalty. But for tonight it was going to be his. Heading to the large drinks cabinet as Dexter selected his favourite brand of Bourbon, pouring himself a glass he sipped slowly on the light brown liquid. Letting the musky flavour linger on his lips as he headed to the large sound system in the corner of the room. A little music would fill the silence, selecting a track that he found in the list, the speakers spilled out the beat of Anberlin.

Gently bobbing his head along to the beat of the track Dexter sunk himself into one of the large plush couches, letting his heels rest on the edge of the oak table as he sipped slowly on his drink. The atmosphere around the estate had relaxed since the King's departure, the guards had allowed themselves to breath easily. But Dexter knew it was only a matter of time before the King returned, having set up a direct communication with Anubis Airline to let him know when the King's plane landed in Shreveport.

But for now Dexter was going to enjoy this evening off, when the King returned his hands would once again be full with duties that the King would neglect as he indulged in other amusements. Dexter was due some time off and he would use it to explore this small town, after all coming from New Orleans, the French Quarter was completely different to this small remote town. So for now he would sit here and drink his Bourbon and clear his mind. He had a feeling that the King would return tomorrow evening.

Letting his head fall back onto the couch as he closed his eyes as he absorbed this moment alone never truly knowing how long it would be until something came his way. Moments passed but felt like hours as he could feel his pants pocket buzz, grumbling to himself he pulled out his cell and answered.

"Dexter Coleman speaking" he put on his polite manner.

A voice cracked at the end of the phone as it became clearer "The King of Louisiana has just landed in Shreveport" the soft feminine voice chirped down through the speaker.

"Thanks for the update" Dexter thanked and ended the call.

Draining his glass of Bourbon as he stood to his feet, he placed the glass back on the drinks unit and headed to alert the guards of the King's immediate return. It was time to return to normal, or whatever normality was these days. Working for the King of Louisiana certainly had its challenges, Dexter would need a few days off. Working for the King was surely going to kill him in the end. So much for enjoying the silence.

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