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Tolvin Richter
Tolvin Richter

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Sexual How...

Post by Tolvin Richter on Sat Mar 22, 2014 8:56 pm

Tolvin watched the monitors quietly as everyone else in the room moved around him. Once in a while, he would steal a glance at the feed from Rochelle's office and see her focused on her task. That would always make him smile and he would return to his duties. She knew he was in the security rooms though. Once in a while, he would see her look up at the camera as it panned across the room and smile towards it, then go back to what she was doing.

He watched her more than he should have perhaps, but he was trying to figure things out. He knew they cared about each other. The were definitely compatible in other areas as well. Why was this such a hard thing to figure out? He knew how he felt, but how did she? He thought she was going to open up...but when she paused, it was like she had changed her mind about what to say. He could not really bring that up when he just left silence when he tried to speak his mind. No woman in his memory had gotten him so flustered. As he watched the feeds, he heard everyone leaving for the evening. He had to pull a few more hours before his shift was done because of the long lunch they took. He smiled and brought her feed onto the main screen, watching her nibble on her pen before continuing with her paperwork. He knew they needed to talk things through...but when would be the right time? He flipped on the radio and laughed softly at the irony of the song playing with his thoughts.

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