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And Grandma stays behind

Lafayette Reynolds
Lafayette Reynolds

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Sexual And Grandma stays behind

Post by Lafayette Reynolds on Fri Mar 28, 2014 11:45 am

After Willa left Lafayette was so tired he fell asleep on the couch unlit joint in hand ...

“Lafayette ...Lafayette ...I need you to listen to me ...there is more I need to tell you ..”

“Grandma ...I thought yous left ..Im so tired cant we just talk tomorrow and let a bitch sleep ....”


That woke him up and he almost fell off the couch ...

“Ok grandma Rae ..Ims awake ...what do you have to tell me that yous couldn’t tell me before ..”

“Willanemia is in terrible danger from her maker if she goes and talks to him about you ...you must make sure she does not mention you in her talk ...he will command her not to have anything to do with you if she tells her maker what she is planning on doing ..”

“Grandma her maker is dead so we don’t have to worry about that ..you could have told us that before ...”

“Hear me Lafayette ...her maker is powerful and very much alive .. and will not let her protect you if he knows about you ...he cannot see what’s coming and lives in the old ways and cannot see the future...HE CANNOT KNOW ..”

“What are you talking about Eric is dead ...Are you saying he isn’t ...oh dear god..how can you be sure ... well I should take that back of course you are sure.. Ok..Yes grandma Rae I get it ...I am sure Willa will not tell Eric ..she is a smart cookie that one ..if you like I will call her and tell her not to talk to Eric about me ..would that make you feel better ?”

“My child you don’t understand I see this Eric finding out and commanding Willamenia not to protect you ...this is what I see happening for your future ...it must be changed ..”

“Yous see this happening ...oh good gods ..what am I supposes to do with this ..hows am I going to stop this if you have seen this ?”

“Well my son you must make sure Willa does not make amends with her maker no matter how much she wants to ..that where it starts .. the more she trusts him  the more she confides in him ...”  

“Grandma I can’t do that to her she needs her maker all vamps do ..even if I hate that fucker Eric he is her maker and if she can get in touch with him I should not be the one to say she cant ...you of all spirits should know that she needs her maker ...you see all ...cant you see what it will do to her if she doesn’t have him in her life ..”

“Yes my child I see her future ..and it is a good one even without her maker she is fulfilled she has purpose and is happy ...she does in the years to come make amends with her maker after you are long gone and it works just as well as her doing it now  ...so you see she does not have to do it while you live ..”

“Grandma I am not sure you understand the ramifications of Eric being alive ..this is going to be huge for Willa ..she must know and be able to make the choice for herself...”

“You are not listening child ..she already knows ...she has known for awhile and she is so very conflicted about it ...you must help her see that making amends now is not the time she must concentrate on the task at hand and worry about her maker after the coming has passed ..”

“She already knows ..well if he is back I guess she would be the first to know ..I will do as you say grandma but if she is conflicted about her maker I won’t do anything that I think will hurt her ..sorry grandma but if I think after talking to her that she need to talk to him Ill tells her ..”

“Child you are a true spirit and I love that about you we all do but it will be to your detriment if you go against my words ..but I will leave it up to you ...if you need me I will always be here..”

And with that she was gone Lafayette could feel the energy in the room change and he took his lighter and light up his joint and thought to himself ..

“What in the hell is he going to do Eric was alive according to his grandma and Willa knew but was conflicted about it ...He needed to talk to her about all of this but it was gonna have to wait till tomorrow he was wasted ..so tired and confused about his role in all of this bullshit ..I just don’t know what the hell to do ...This is all fuckered up (pulling on his joint ) ..am I breaking some sort of friend code if I try to bend Willa  to leave Eric till after whatever is coming so she can help my ass..isnt that so one sided on my part ...I cant do that to her she is just to nice ..I’m just going to tell her and let her decide on her own ..Ill give her my thoughts and let the chips fall where they may ..normally all over my fucking head ...”

And Grandma stays behind Large

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