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The Early Years - She Never Said Goodbye

Jason Stackhouse
Jason Stackhouse

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Sexual The Early Years - She Never Said Goodbye

Post by Jason Stackhouse on Sat Apr 19, 2014 8:55 am

Jason had spent the entire night preparing his speech that he was going to give to Joanna. He was going to ask her to be his girlfriend. He knew that Hoyt and his gang would make fun of him but he did not care. His Grams had expressed that she was a lovely girl, pretty and smart. He had dressed in his best shirt and pants. He had hurried his way to school, Grams had never seen him that excited to go to school before. 

Upon arriving at school and leaving Sookie with Tara he had dashed off to go and find Joanna. His heart was pounding in his chest, he had never felt this way before. They had their own little secret place behind the gym next to the large oak tree where they would meet before class started to make out.

He reached the tree and sat himself down on the ground and began to wait for Joanna, she would be here soon then he could ask her to be his girlfriend. But time seemed to pass on and there was still no Joanna. The bell was about to ring soon and she was still not here, was she sick? She was always here.

The bell rang and Jason collected his lunch bag and his book bag and headed into class, Mr Rivers - History. That thought alone made Jason grumble inside, he slid into his seat and looked over his shoulder to see another boy sitting in Joanna's seat. 

"Where is Joanna?" Jason called out over the class of students.

Mr Rivers peered over his glasses that rested on the tip of his nose "She is gone Mr Stackhouse. He folks moved to New Orleans...Now quiet" he ordered before returning to his morning paper.

Jason felt everything inside him break, Joanna was gone. She had never told him that she was leaving, he never got to ask he to be his girlfriend. 

But what hurt Jason the most.....She never said goodbye.

The Early Years - She Never Said Goodbye JasonGif12

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