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The Blood Drop Off

Dexter Coleman
Dexter Coleman

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Sexual The Blood Drop Off

Post by Dexter Coleman on Tue May 20, 2014 3:43 am

Dexter has received word from the King that there was going to be a delivery arriving from Italy and that he was to stand on guard and make sure that it arrived to his office direct. With his arms folded around his back he stood on guard at the main entrance. With the guards alerted that a truck would soon be arriving. All he had to do was wait, with the King anticipating the arrival of the blood he just wanted to get it straight to him without delay. Then perhaps he could get back to normal without walking around the estate on his tip toes in fear of causing an irritation around the mansion. The last thing he wanted to do was loose his head or other parts of his anatomy.

'Vehicle approaching the gates Coleman. Should we sent it right in?' a voice cackled through the radio.

Dexter reached for his radio "What did I say? Give it immediate access to the grounds! No delays!" he snapped.

The radio went silent. Raising his head he was soon greeted by a large black truck. Two men appeared from locked doors at the back of the vehicle both carrying two large brown boxes.

"Deliveries from Queen Constance of Italy for King William Compton" 

Dexter knew that he had to inspect the packages before taking them personally to the King. Indicating to the two guards standing behind him as they both took the boxes from the delivery men.

"Please send our many thanks to your Queen. And please have this delivered to Miss Arabella Trillo, place it in her hand. Understood?" he quizzed them both before handing over a small envelope.

The shortest delivery man bowed his head and placed the envelope into his pocket.

"If you do not require our services then we shall take our leave" the other delivery man spoke briefly.

"That will be all" Dexter ended their brief meeting.

Both delivery men took their leave and went back to their vehicle and drove off from the estate. Dexter turned to the two guards waiting on his next instruction.

"Have the packages thoroughly checked and scanned immediately. The King will want them immediately!" he snapped at them both.

The guards did not reply but headed inside to begin their search. The sooner the King had the blood, the sooner things could go back to normality. Well for the time being.

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