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Dexter Coleman
Dexter Coleman

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Post by Dexter Coleman on Fri Jun 27, 2014 2:11 pm

Dexter had strict orders from the King not to disturb him whilst he locked himself away in his office once again. But Dexter had already heard the tale of what had happened at the Bellefleur's party this evening. He had dispatched several guards to attend at the bar and to help where needed. He had ordered all the guards who remained on the estate to be on the guard with the possibility of more Hep V infected vampires in the area. Arming themselves with silver and wooden bullets Dexter would not take the chance with any of his men. But of course being in this job there was always going to be loss, but it was a risk that they all took every day.

Slipping outside of the mansion Dexter moved along the porch to an area hopefully where the King could not hear his phone call, his cell already dialling a number that he had not saved in his contacts. He did not want the King finding out about his liaison with his vampire sister Judith. Waiting for her to answer it went straight to voice-mail.

"Judith....I gave you this phone so that we could be in constant contact and yet you have it switched off. Why? I thought you should know that there was an attack at the Bellefleur bar tonight, Hep V vamps. So do not come into Bon Temps, they took several residents and the King and the Sheriff are out looking in the area. So be careful not to cross their paths.....And answer your damn cell!.....Please let me know that your alright" he ended in a whisper.

Ending the call Dexter dropped his phone back into his pocket. He only hoped that Judith got his message.

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