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Is she crazy

Lafayette Reynolds
Lafayette Reynolds

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Sexual Is she crazy

Post by Lafayette Reynolds on Tue Jul 01, 2014 8:41 am

Today was a taking no shit day for Lafayette and the bullshit that was coming out of his auntie was no different,he was taking no shit  .She left mad as a hatter but he was having none of her craziness today. He couldn’t believe that she had seen Tara all hopped up on V there was just no trusting what his auntie was seeing even if the sight had touched her .Never trust the V or the person taking it ,it was allot like heroin one taste and your hooked .And his auntie was hooked no matter what her excuse was ,seeing Tara saying she needed her ..

“What a load of motha fucking bull shit..” he thought  

He took his bottle of JD and poured himself a healthy dose of golden medicine and sat on his couch ,he took his bong and loaded it .He needed some self medication right now and he knew just how to get himself on a even keel so he could think about all the bullshit is auntie said.He drank the sweet liquid gold poured himself another and took several puffs off his bong ,he was starting to feel more like the old LaLa again ,well enough to pull apart what Lettie Mae brought to his table ..

“Auntie said she saw Tara while on V ...V makes you more open to other dimensions and more susceptible to the other side and with her being touched with sight maybe the crazy bitch did see my cuz ...  But I just cant summon her ...I just cant ....I done with that ...no more ...they cant help anyway ...if they could my Grandma Rae should have known it was Tara in danger not me ... Maybe auntie isn’t as crazy as I think she is ...no fuck that bitch ...Im not getting involved with her crazy ass shit...”

He loaded his bong again , took another drink and relaxed .He was positive that he made the right choice ,he was no longer going to give Lettie Mae the time of day .She could keep her crazy self far away from him as far as he was concerned ..

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