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It Was Always Sookie

Bill Compton
Bill Compton

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Sexual It Was Always Sookie

Post by Bill Compton on Tue Jul 15, 2014 2:20 am

Bill Compton had been trying to go through the plan that Sookie had given him on what she wanted to do tonight. He needed to make sure that he had every base covered, he could not let any detail go un-noticed. Those who he could call friends had spent the last few days searching surrounding area's of Bon Temps looking for those who had been taken by the Hep V vamps, but had left Fangtasia off the radar.

Now Sookie wanted to go blazing in with no concern for her own safety and there was nothing that he could do too change that. Bill knew Sookie would do whatever she could to save them and he would follow her into battle.

Bill had left Sookie alone in his office with Eric Northman who he believed to have met the true death. But of course he was wrong once again. Eric was alive, for now. The 1000 year old vampire now had Hep V and soon it would consume him and take his life. Deep down he knew that Sookie still loved Eric and he could not change that. Sookie had made her choice that night that she had walked out of his home leaving both he and Northman behind.

But what Bill could not figure out, Sookie claimed that she did not love Alcide as much as he loved her. What did that mean? Did she still harbour feelings for him? Or did her heart belong to Eric? All that Bill knew was that he loved her, he always did. That had not changed.

It would always be Sookie.

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