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Willa Burrell
Willa Burrell

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Sexual University

Post by Willa Burrell on Wed Sep 24, 2014 11:29 am

Willa woke with a start she heard Daisy and Torque barking their heads off .It was just past dusk so she got up and rushed down stairs to peep out the hole of her protective blinds and saw a unfamiliar parked car outside .She went to the door and looked out its peep hole and saw Clay her doner.She was astonished and mad all at the same time ,how did he find her house she had never once alluded to where she lived .She swiftly opened the door with dogs snarling and snapping at their visitor ,which she let them do just to prove a point…

“What the hell are you doing here Clay ..how did you even find my house   …I should kill you for even to dare to come here …What the hell do you want …?”

She was coming off strong because she had to drill into him that this was not ok .That tracking her and coming to her house was not ever going to happen again .And her home was off limits to anyone that she didn’t invite.

“I put a GPS tracker under your car during your last visit to my house in case I ever needed your help …you never gave me  your number ...you only call me …I need your help Willa …please I know it was intrusive and wrong but what other choice did I have ..you never offered your help if I needed it …and boy do I need it now …”

“I never offered because you wanted money for your blood …that was our deal …so the whole protection for blood thing went out the window once you started charging me …(she sniffed at the air a little ) is there another person in your car …she smells like Fae but couldnt …Ok who’s out in your car Clay …”

“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about …that’s my girlfriend Marci she in ½ fae and needs to get out of the country ….her plane leaves tomorrow and we need protection and a place to stay until then … the infected crashed our apartment building last night and we have been running from them since  …she smells good to them I guess and they have found us every place in the city we hide so I thought if we came out here with you we might have a better chance to make it till tomorrow …Please Willa …Please lets us in and protect us tonight …Ill give you free blood for however long you need it …please just let us stay tonight …”

She knew it was a bad idea it could bring a hole heard of infected down on her little piece of heaven but she couldn’t turn them away …

“Ok bring her in and fast ..just the smell of her could bring a whole heard of those things here …and you owe me big time Clay and Im not happy about this believe me ..”

He left the front entry and ran out to the car jumped in and sat there for what seemed to Willa hours .Finally he got out and then came around to the passenger side and helped out a tiny framed young girl of about 18 with beautiful red hair and green eyes.She was wearing a deep blue short sleeved top with jeans and flip flops and as soon as she got out Willa could smell her sweet smell of fae and her fangs droped .She quickly retracted them and made way for them to enter the house ,as they were walking in Willa noticed that Marci was injured in several places.She was bleeding from several wounds on her arms and legs as the blood was showing through her jeans ,again Willas fangs dropped and she covered her mouth ....

“You didn’t say she was injured do you want me to drink her dry …you have to get her patched up or Im not going to be able to handle it …”

“I brought everything I need to take care of her do you have a room so I can look after her wounds ?”

“Yes upstairs to the right and make sure you patch her up good and wash all her blood away then go burn all the bloody stuff out back …I don’t want any of her blood around …got it ….its going to be hard enough for me to be around her ….after your done with her then I need to be fed I cant do this with an empty stomach ok Clay …”

“Yeah sure Willa …Thank you for doing this for us ..”

“Now I have a meeting at 7 so Ill be gone for a couple of hours but the pups will be here and they are great hunters so they will protect you and Marci …Ill pick up some food for you guys when Im out as well if you want …there isn’t much here except dog and cat treats …”

“That would be great …again Thanks so much …I really didn’t know how you would react to my coming here ….so thank you for taking us in ..”

He took Marci upstairs to take care of her injuries and get into some clean clothes while Willa made sure there was none of her blood left down stairs that would drive her crazy for the rest of the night .She then went upstairs herself to get ready for her appointment with the university .Once she was dressed she did her make up then headed down stairs .There she found Clay and Marci in the living room with the fur kids ,everyone was getting some loving from the two .She looked over the scene and thought ..  

“Ingrates the lot of you ..”

She put another stack of papers in the kitchen by her purse and headed into the living room to give the low down on what would happen while she was away …

“Ok so I have to leave in about a half hour  …Ill be gone for a couple of hours Clay has my number if anything happens …I did a perimeter run before you got here so you should be safe …there are  tons of movies to watch …they are just there in the in the that stand or under the table as you can see I wasn’t expecting visitors..There might be some chips and stuff left in the kitchen from our last donors ..please feel free to check out my cupboards for what you can find …Ill stop the store and get you guys some food on my way back …Do you have any questions ..”

“Nope …we’ll stay inside with the blinds drawn until you get back …again I cant thank enough for what you are doing for us Willa …”

“No problem Clay just please stay inside while Im gone or we will have problems …a whole lot of them …”

After they talked for abit more Clay fed Willa till she had her fill and she headed for the kitchen to gather all her belongings for the meeting at the university .She was abit nervous it had been a few years since she had done anything like this but she knew she was headed in the right direction .She said her goodbyes and headed to the car ,she put her bag in the car and decided she had time to do a quick perimeter run just to be on the safe side .Once back to the car she jumped in and sped to the university which was ½ way between Shreve Port and Bon Temps  .

At the university she quickly found the admissions office and asked for Mrs Timbolt .She was the administrator who was going to get all of Willa’s classes for her and set up a schedule that would work best .As Willa was waiting she was looking over all the programs she was interested in and they all complimented each other and it looked like she would be able to do them all without them clashing with each others time .As she was waiting she thought to herself …

“Are you crazy …do you really think this is the way to go …will they really except you once your done …yes they will have to …why should humans look after vampire accounts ,wills and the such …it should be vampire looking after vampire …humans should have nothing to do with our legals…Im going to do this and Im going to be good at it ..”

Just as she made up her mind her name was called to go in with Mrs. Timbolt..

“Hello Miss.Burrell how was your drive in ?”

“Hello Mrs Timbolt.. it was fine ..how are you tonight ?”

“Im great and yourself..”

“Im wonderful and excited to be here ..”

“That’s great …we are happy to have you …there are not very many vampire that come to university …normally it’s the young such as yourself that come back to school …so we have made provisions for the vampire student …I have looked over your transcriptions and I have to say I am impressed you are a very intelligent women and I am sure we can make your university experience here wonderful …so I have put together a schedule based on what you told me …I have incorporated your business and accounting courses with a paralegal counterpart ..how does that sound ..”

“Yes I see you have done everything I was hoping for (looking over the paper she was handed )..I see you have made my time table very workable …Now what happens if I want to move on with my law degree after I’m done with the business side of my education ..”

“No problem we can send you to New Orleans to finish your Law degree there since we don’t have the finishing touches to the degree here..but you can work on the degree here up until your 4th year …now we know vampires learn faster but just how much faster hasn’t been really inspected so you are going to have to let us know how quickly you work and what you need when …this is going to be a learning lesson for the institute as well as you …should be interesting …no other vampire has taken such a heavy course load ..I wish you all the luck …now you are a few day behind so you will have to play catch up …now lets go pay for your courses and  buy your books …I’m almost as excited as you ..”

“Sounds great …yes Im very excited and Im sure Ill be able to catch up …now we talked about some courses being internet only is this still the case ..”

“No we have filled the teaching positions we needed but they are day professors so for you we will video tape the classes and then if you need teacher student care they will be available to you on a one on one basis ...”

“Sounds great …when is my first class ..”

“Tomorrow I have marked it all out for you on your sheet …this week you have all in class to get you caught up all your professors  have agreed to stay later for you if you agree to walk them to their cars after you are done …”

“Oh yes no problem …thank them for me please …why is the university helping me so much ..”

“Because we would like to have more vampire students and like I said you are the first to take such a class load and we want you to succeed …your going to be our poster child for vampire in university …we would like to promote you as long as you do what we think you can do …”

“And just what is it you think I can do ..”

“We think you can get your degrees in a minimal amount of time …we think you will succeed far beyond what even you think you can do …we think you can be the door opener for your community  to come back to school ..if they see you doing it maybe they might want to ..”

“Well lets see if I can get my degrees first and if I do well we will talk about being the poster child …I really just want to learn ..”

“And that is what is so great about this you came to us ..we didn’t have to go looking for you ..here you are …we will give you every opportunity to succeed …now once we have gotten your books Ill have a student take you around campus …there wont be to much open as we close down after sunset now but you will get at least to see where your classes are ..”

“That would be great …thanks so much ..”

After she bought her books and put them in her car she was back in the administrators office to wait for her tour guide .She arrived in a matter of minutes ,her name was Lori .She is a heavey set girl and an Archeology major ,she was intrigued by vampires.She loved showing off her school ,she was excited to have another  vampire becoming a student .Lori took Willa everywhere even to the places that were closed so Willa could look in the windows .She talked about the history when the school was built , who was the first dean where the funds come from  for the school and who ,what and where of it all now .Lori was a proud student of U of L and couldn’t wait for Willa to become one as well.They got along famously while chatting during the tour while Willas excitement grew with every turn until the end .She knew she was making the right decision for herself .

Now that the tour was over she thanked Lori  shook her hand  and headed for the car with a smile on her face …

“  Oh this is going to be great I cant wait …”

She got into the car and headed to the groceries to pick up something for her uninvited guests.Some time later back in her car driving home she saw three infected feeding off the highway in the distance  it was far from her home but close enough she pushed her foot on the pedal and sped home .She surveyed the area surrounding her home from the car as she pulled into the long driveway driving slowly until she got home .She got out and took a deep breath smelling the air ,she couldn’t smell anything except the beauty of her land .She headed to the house and heard the pups barking ,once inside she put the groceries away and headed into the living room .

Clay was getting up off the couch it looked like they had just woke up which was a good thing….

“I put the groceries away you can go see what I bought Im going to take the pups out and do a perimeter run ..we should be back in about 20 minutes …”

“Ok Willa ..Ill get us something to eat …thanks..”

She left them to their own devices and headed out the door with the pups .The pups  flew off the porch wagging their stubby tails loving the hunt .She ran after them smiling almost giddy knowing that she was starting an new chapter in her life .They ran the perimeter the pups always ahead of her sniffing out a path for infected.About an 1/8 of a mile returning home the pups found what they had been looking for except it was almost dead it had been sick for months and more than likely crawled onto her property .She called Daisy and Torque off it then taking a stake out of her jacket she put it out of it misery .She was a bit concerned that it was there at all ,could Clays girlfriend brought this thing to her doorstep if so there will be more .She decided she had better do hourly runs tonight or at the very least every 2 hours .They headed up to the house and in the door the pups pushing her aside smelling the food that was cooking .In the kitchen were Clay and Marci eating what Clay had cooked for them with two dogs and a cat at their feet begging for a bite. Willa informed them of the infected that she had found and that she was going to make more runs tonight just incase then went upstairs to change her clothes into something she could move in it looked like it was going to be a busy night.

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