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god forsaken town

Andy Bellefleur
Andy Bellefleur

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Sexual god forsaken town

Post by Andy Bellefleur on Tue Aug 07, 2012 6:09 pm

Tough day today with all the paper work on the incident with bud. Damn it bud why you have to act like a jack ass. also need to handle with the paper work on the cum stain idiot in the jail, but decided to tackel on going over the reports my other deputies made before tackilng my own paper work. dont really have to but like to know my deputies are doing there fucking job and not sitting in thier cars with thier thumb up thier asses.
lets see what we have here. jason's reports consist of a couple complant about noisy dogs and a lose pit bull. at least we know it wasn't merlotte. his ass was knee deep in pig shit.I hate pigs.
Deputy Kenya didnt have a busy day either a demestic complaint and chicken truck flipped over. wonder if they where some were -chikens. Do they even have were chickens? I mean all the other freaky ass shit they have. can you just imagin eatting a were chicken. well back to my task at hand. Bud.
Bud dearbourne thought to be a respected retired sheriff of bon temps, but instead hes a member of the obama hate group. Now its my job to protect all the dumb sits and freaks of this town and thats what I intend to do. He decided to go against the law and I up hold the law. I am the law. So I did what was nessecary.
Drumming my fingers on my desk and looking at the blank page on my computer I say to my self out loud "Just Another day in this god forsaken town

Ok well almost finished for the day. Just need to finish my reports.Probaly swing by Merlotte's for dinner and to see if Holly is working.

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