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Crystal Norris
Crystal Norris

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Sexual Sneak...

Post by Crystal Norris on Wed Dec 19, 2012 1:15 pm

She looked up at the house from her hiding spot in the woods and took a deep breath, adjusting the bandage on her arm and brushing the hair from her face...

"Guess there is no choice. At least this place should be safe..."

She slowly moved along the edge of the woods toward the house, going to the back door. She hoped Jason still left the back window unlocked in case he lost his keys. She pulled down the screen and lifted on the window. It slid up with a soft rattle and she climbed inside.

“I hope he isn’t home. I’m not ready for a fight.”

She smiled softly to herself as she moved from room to room, seeing so many things that reminded her of Jason. She finally found his bedroom and opened the dresser. She pulled a pair of jeans out, guessing that they would fit her well enough. She saw a light blue button down shirt laying on the floor and picked it up, holding it to her nose, inhaling his smell *she smiled softly*

She pulled the shirt on, buttoning it up and heading back the way she had come, stopping to grab his favorite boots on her way out. She was tempted to leave him a note, but decided against it.

She slipped back out the window and pushed the screen back into place. She looked around while she pulled on his boots. She laughed for the first time in a while when she pictured him looking for them.

She stopped to think for a moment, and decided to see if Sam would help her, so she headed through the woods toward Merlotte’s…
Jason Stackhouse
Jason Stackhouse

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Sexual Re: Sneak...

Post by Jason Stackhouse on Wed Dec 19, 2012 1:15 pm

Jason got home late from his shift, he was due to meet a friend of his name Janet at a bar in Baton Rouge tonight and he was running late. As soon as he got in, he had a quick shower and washed away his troubles.
As he entered his bedroom with just a towel wrapped around his waist, he searched around for his favorite blue shirt that he always looked good in. He couldn't seem to find it, he had sworn he'd not worn it since he washed it. He stood there confused for a moment, then realized he was pushed for time. He grabbed any odd shirt, the white one and his tight black jeans then went in search for his boots. "God damnit, where did I put 'em!!" he yelled in frustration, rubbing his head as he looked around "fuck it." he grabbed another smart pair of shoes and left to make his way to Baton Rouge.

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