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A Bad Influence On My Progeny

Bill Compton

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Sexual A Bad Influence On My Progeny

Post by Bill Compton on Sun Feb 03, 2013 10:04 am

Sometimes Bill wished that things could be simple, just plain old William Compton, not a Vampire King or neither a Vampire at all, but that choice had been taken out of hands when he had come across Lorena Krasiki, figuring her to be a lonely young widow, which turned out to a false facade, she destroyed him that night. For many years he believed himself to be damned to a lifetime of solitude and despair; until he had met Sookie Stackhouse. And now here he was, King of Louisiana, in a semi-firm relationship with a were Kiara Griffen, and a Maker to his one and only progeny Jessica Hamby.

His progeny that he had not seen for quite sometime now, but he felt no rational fear as to why, he could not feel any reason that she was in danger; and with Christian still no where to be found from escaping Eric Northman's capture, it seemed that he had learned to go un-detected very well, in the form of a human child that could cause to much havoc and destruction. He had increased his security around and within the premises, both Sawyer and Taylor had taken their leave, on Sawyer's note it would be best for them to leave which Bill did not object too, he would soon have new guards in place to take over protecting Kiara.

Bill was in his office working, he had been keeping himself busy going through all his un-finished work to try and avoid telling Kiara of his plan and what he had done, avoiding telling her would only make it worse, he knew that, but yet he couldn't find the words to tell her what he had done. He continued to type away on his computer, occasionally stopping to take a sip from his blood that Marie had brought him; he could tell there was something on her mind, but he wasn't in the mood to explore that at the moment, he didn't want to add anything else onto his already full plate, he had enough to think about as it was.

Relaxing into his chair, he heard a 'ping' sound and a new email flashed on his screen, curious he clicked open the email and it was from the Sheriff's department, from Andy Bellefleur, curious further he opened the email;

Mr Compton,
Thought you might like too see this.
Sheriff Andy Bellefleur

Bill clicked on another link which opened a document that had been attached to Andy's email and a missing person's profile opened up.

Jessica's human father was now missing, he had no reason to assume that Jessica had any dealing's with her father, but he could only assume that that she may know something about the disappearance. Taking out his cell he quickly typed out a message;

Jessica, I would like to see you immediately as soon as you see this. Do not ignore my request. Bill

Sending the message, he stuffed the cell back into his coat pocket, true he could not accuse her of anything because he did not know the facts, but ever since Jessica had desired to be with John Quinn, he had noticed she had become distant, was the Tiger becoming a bad influence on her. Although he had promised Jessica peace between them, he would break that promise if he had become negligent with his progeny and endangering her safety, he would not hesitate to have him out the picture, he would do anything to protect those he cared about at no cost. Now all he had to do was wait for Jessica to answer him. Now another thing had been dropped onto his plate, but with Jessica, she had to come first.

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