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Food and memories

Kiara Griffen

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Sexual Food and memories

Post by Kiara Griffen on Sun Mar 31, 2013 12:55 am

Kiara mde her way to the kitchen. With Bill off sulking about his sister and she left frustrated in the bedroom department she figured food would be a substitute for now. As she entered the kitchen she was greeted by Tia the cook. Ever since the incident with Martin, Bill had insisted they only have female cooks now.

“Evening Tia…” said Kiara, just tired as she sat by the kitchen counter. Tia was an older black woman, with a rich southern drawl and a very motherly disposition. She was always polite around Bill but ever since she’d met Kiara she’d made it her mission to be like a mother to her.

“Evenin’ Miss Kiara” she said as Tia bustled around in the kitchen. “Are you wanting some dinner?” she asked. Kiara nodded. “Make it a full spread Tia I’m starving” she said.

Tia stopped what she was doing, wiped her hands on her apron and walked over to Kiara. “I’d say so Miss Kiara. You look as skinny as a rail… Mr Compton would be real cross with me if I didn’ feed you well” she said as she examined Kiara. Kiara chuckled. Yeah Bill had mentioned her current weight loss but right now, when her mood had been shot she didn’t care.

“I just need dinner Tia…” she said, rubbing the bridge of her nose. Tia tisked and put her hands on her hips. “You need more than dinner Miss Kiara… tell you what… why don’t you run upstairs and get comfortable. I’ll make you a feast not even the King can fuss about” she said. Kiara chuckled. When Tia made up her mind there was nothing anyone can do to change her mind. She figured there was no harm in it, it wasn’t like she had anything else to do.

“Alright Tia…I’ll be upstairs” she said, taking herself and her shoes upstairs. Bill wasn’t in the master bedroom so she took a moment to change out of her pretty blue dress. She opted for just a simple long shirt, nothing glamorous. She then propped herself on her lounge chair in the office. Turning on the tv she killed about an hour just catching up with her shows.

Just when she wondered if dinner was coming a knock came to her office door. “Come in…” she called out, not being able to be bothered to get up from her spot. Tia came in wheeling a cart of food that smelled SO good it made Kiara’s stomach growl.

“Holy Hell Tia what did you bring me?” she asked. Tia smiled and began to uncover dish after dish.

From roasted chicken, to several po boy sandwiches, seared steaks with grilled vegetables, and her Achilles heel….devilled eggs. Then Tia began to uncover the desserts. A full plate of fresh fruit, a lemon custard pie, cheesecake brownies and a freshly baked strawberry cake.

“This is sure to settle that tummy of yours Miss Kiara” said Tia with a satisfied look on her face. Kiara nodded. “I’ll say… it’s like you brought me the whole kitchen Tia” she said. Tia chuckled and left Kiara to the food.

Kiara dug into the devilled eggs first. They were delicious and it only made her hungrier for everything else. Since Bill wasn’t around she threw manners out the window and dug into the food with her hands. First the roasted chicken which she ate all of it, even licking the bones clean off any meat. She growled in satisfaction as she went for the steak. They were all medium done, seasoned well and the veggies complimented them excellently. She looked at the cart and spotted the 3 glass pitchers with peach lemonade. Tia knew her like the back of her hand and forgoing a glass she drank straight from one of the pitchers. Once the steaks were done she dug into the sandwiches. They had roast turkey and bacon and avocado in them and they were just divine. A normal person would have been full a long time ago but as a were she could out eat a linebacker in training camp.

Once the sandwiches were gone she dug into the fruit first. There were blackberries and strawberries and locally picked red berries which were sweet with a bit of tartness to them. She left the orange for later as she tried one of the brownies. It was decadent with a layer of cheesecake and chocolate which perked up her mood. Then the strawberry cake which she ate half off. The fresh fruit with the dark moist cake and fresh whipped cream was delicious. Lastly the lemon pie; it was very much a summer thing. A bit of tart tanginess of the lemon custard offset by meringue and coconut flakes on top.

When all was said and done she’d eaten at least 90% of everything on the cart. She even let out a loud burp which she’d never do in company but right now she didn’t care. Her stomach was full and she fell back sated and happy. Bill’s walking off on her seemed like a very distant memory as she polished off the second pitcher of peach lemonade and resumed her shows.

A few hours later, pass midnight she finished off the rest of the food, a servant hauling off the empty cart. Bill still wasn’t back but she didn’t put much thought into it. She did however feel the need to shower so peeling off her clothes she hopped into the lavish master bathroom.

Aside from a large tub in which she and Bill did little bathing… there was a large tile shower with several massage jets and even a small area to sit in and just enjoy the water. She stepped into it, turning the water to a nice cool setting and just letting it wash over her body. She poured her citrus scented body wash into a washcloth and began to get herself clean. It was only until her hand grazed the bite mark in her thigh that she paused. Just the memory of being bitten made her hot all over and before she knew it she’d dropped the suds covered cloth and was instead touching her core with her slick fingers.

Each intimate stroke made her shiver and jump a bit. The combination of the cool water and her fevered skin made the pleasure all the more intense. She sat back on the small sitting area, her back against the tile wall. She cupped her breast with her free hand, her fingers between her legs knowing just how to stroke and sate the fire inside. A moan tumbled out of her lips, drowned out by the sounds of the running water. She closed her eyes, tilting her head back as much as her position would allow.

She remembered the previous night… at the restaurant. Despite having just a wonderful night of them just enjoying each other’s company things…escalated.

Thank goodness Bill spent enough money there that not only had the restaurant been totally vacant, the maître de hadn’t minded one bit they had used the tables for something OTHER than food.

Kiara moaned again, her fingers lost inside her, her mind torturing her with memories of encounters past….

Then there was the early time in their relationship, when Kiara was still just his day person and had lived in the guest room. She recalled being woken by his kiss, so gentle but still demanding, enough that on that particular night, neither of them got much work done.

She’d still had some trepidations back then about Bill. He was, to her, her boss, the vampire king, a vampire… something that was wholly bad for her yet after he’d confessed his feeling she’d been a sucker. After then they had sneaked around, stealing moments of privacy between his schedule and hers. And then there was that time…

Where on one hot summers night Bill had just ravished her in his office. They had never done anything but work in his office, knowing that it was the one room servants and personnel most often came to… but that night… oh that night…

Kiara’s musings were interrupted by a spike of pleasure. It left her breathless. She noticed that her skin was no longer feverish but nice and cool from the constantly pelt of the shower water. If she didn’t get out soon she’d get all prunny, however she didn’t want to get out. With her hand on her chest, the other between her legs and her mind lost in memories she wanted to stay here and find the bliss she so desperately craved.

That’s right… it wasn’t her fingers pleasing her, it was him… she swore she could feel him teasing her with his expert tongue. Making her toes curl, her hands buried deep into his dark hair as he tortured her endlessly.

Yes this is what she wanted to imagine. Not memories in the past but the present. With him she could be herself; an uncouth, sex crazy, possessive were. Sadly, perhaps almost pathetically in love with a vampire who made her sad, happy, angry and horny all at the same time.

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