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A Fresh Start For Both of Us

Bill Compton

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Sexual A Fresh Start For Both of Us

Post by Bill Compton on Mon Apr 15, 2013 9:47 am

Why was it so hard to choose the perfect ring? The first one that he had chosen had been simple and easy to pick as when Bill Compton first laid eyes on the intricate design he knew that Kiara would see the elegance and simplicity of the design that he had chosen for her. But now he was having trouble finding the perfect replacement, a sign to start again, erase everything from the past, time to move forward and forget everything in these last few weeks.

Back in his day it was simple, he was given his grandmothers ring as a symbol of eternal love and happiness, it had been passed through the generations, it had been a simple band, but a symbol none the less. His human wife Caroline died with that ring, her only cherished memory that she had off him. He remembered that day vividly that he married Caroline, that day he would remember for the rest of his eternal life. But now was a different time, he was not marrying Kiara Griffen.

He continued to scan through pages and pages on his computer screen, he knew what size to get her, but had yet to choose a design of which one he thought Kiara would prefer. What was minutes soon felt like hours, he had looked through almost every page, he was just about to give up when he clicked on a small link that lead him to another website and that was when he saw it, enlarging the image he enhanced it too get a better view of the image;

This was the one! This was the one that would was perfect for Kiara, simple and yet elegant, he knew that she hated things too flashy. But he knew that she would love this, somehow he just knew it. After selecting on a few measurements and checked on the delivery date which was two days as he would have it expressed delivered; ample timing.

He had ordered the ring and soon it would be on Kiara's finger which where it belonged, this was a fresh start for her, a fresh start for them both.

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