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Making an offer

Holly Cleary

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Sexual Making an offer

Post by Holly Cleary on Mon Dec 08, 2014 12:00 pm

Heading down the highway Arlene and Holly could barely hold in their excitement .Holly was chatting up a storm about the store asking all sorts of questions about being a business owner and how it felt …

“Oh Im so excited …how did it feel for you Arlene ..did it feel like this ..I feel like Im flying …Its such a big responsibility to take on but Im ready for it ..I cant believe this is happening to me …I never thought I would ever own my own business …were you scared Arlene cuz Im about ready to pee myself …So what do you think …we will look the place over again and then make the offer …I want to show you everything ..you have to see where the coffee area would go and the seating …Oh my Gddess please let this work out …listen to me chatty Kathy over here …what do you really think Arlene ?”

“Well honey I cant say for sure until I get a look at the place but from what I remember it was pretty beat up after the witch /vampire war wasn’t it ..I mean that witch Marnie tor it to pieces from what I heard …”

“Well then your in for a surprise because the last owner put it all back to its original state and it looks great and like I said he even took over the store next to it  for the coffee area..”

“I wonder why he didn’t do well then …how long did he have it for ?”

“Im not sure a year or two I think …that’s something we should ask the banker …because it’s a beautiful store and everything will come with it all the stock …So I wont have to order books or anything in the first little while but I do want to go through everything before I open just to see what is there …it is interesting why the previous owner didn’t do well …Ill have to take that into consideration ..I wonder if I would be able to contact him about the store ..what do you think ?”

“Well talk to the banker first and if your not satisfied with his answer then dig a little deeper ..couldnt hurt ..”

As the pulled into the mall where the store was Arlen was impressed at how clean and new it look the last time she was in this part of town it was a little beat up and broken down ,things were looking better for this little book store .Holly pulled in to a slot right in front of the store and Arlene took in the bright Celtic sign and smiled it looked just right for Holly .She took Hollys hand and gave it a squeeze …

“I like it so far hon..”

“Come on lets go in you have to see the decor it is so fitting I don’t think Ill have to change a thing ..”

They got out of the car both smiling and chatting a little about the mall ,parking and the sign .Holly was the first to open the door stepping in with the warming smell of old books hitting her in the face as she enters .She takes a deep breath looks at Arlene and smiles wide .Arlene looks around and was impressed she was instantly at ease almost relaxed when she entered .Around the corner coming to greet them was Mr Johnson with hand extended ….

“You must be Holly Cleary ..and this is ?”

“Yes I am and this is my friend Arlene Bellefleur …How are you today ?”

“Good and you ..how was the drive ?”

“Were great and the drive was wonderful …we would love to look around if you don’t mind but I do have a couple of questions first ..”

“Oh yes of course …anything I can do to help you …”

“The previous owner has done such a wonderful job of up grading and the renos are done in such a way that a person feels so welcome as soon as they enter …why did the business not flourish …do you have any clue ?”

“Well there were personal issues I believe …some one had health issues …but there are other issues that come with owning a book store such as this …”

“Other issues ..?”

“Well this store has a past ..if you didn’t know …and some times things can linger when a place has a past …”

“Oh I get what your saying …and the other owner couldn’t deal with the issues that came with that …is that what your saying ?”

“Yes he had a very hard time dealing with the various things that would happen every now and then in the store and that is why it has been vacant ever since ..”

“Oh well those things don’t bother me …there is magic in the world and it just depends on how you look at it whether it’s a problem or not …don’t you worry I have a tough skin  ..”

She met back up with Arlene who was in the relationship section flipping through a book looking very interested ….

“So what do you think …isn’t it just wonderful …I don’t think Ill have to change a thing…the color scope is perfect …the browns and creams melt together on the walls to make a serine atmosphere ..I instantly felt calmer walking in here …the wood flooring will be easy to keep clean and all the iron shelving brings the look together..dont you think ?”

“Oh Holly is just the most beautiful book store ..and the coffee area could go right over here where it looks like they started it would take minimal investment on your part to finish it and the tables could be marble tops with iron bottoms with those little café chairs …yep that what you have to do ..it will be perfect …so what is their asking price ..?”

“The foreclosure price is 175,000.00 …I thought of 155,00.00 to start and see what they say …what do you think ?”

“Yes that good even though I didn’t have to dicker with Sam I think that is a good place to start ..it give you a place to meet in the middle and they want this place gone just because of the history …don’t act to excited because they might not except just because you look like you want it …act nonchalant about it …Ill be back here looking around …are you ready ?”

“Yep …I can do this ….Im going to have this book store no matter what …but act nonchalant …right …ok …here I go …wish me luck …”

“You dont need luck ..your a strong beautiful business woman …go get him …”

Holly walked up to Mr Johnson and started to ask more questions about the business.What the rent was ,how did the lease work , who looked after the property  and all those big questions a business worman needed to know before putting in a bid for her business.After all the questions were answered she said those famous words …

“Well I like to put down an offer …Im willing to go as high as 155,000.00 I know thats 20,00.00 lower than your asking but you have to admit its been for sale now for almost 3 years and Im willing to take it off your hands today …here are my financing records and as you can see I will have no problem coming up with the money ….Ill leave it in your hands ..My friend and have to leave for a few hours but you have my cell so please let me know as soon as you do ..”

“Yes Mrs Cleary I will ….it has been a pleasure doing business with you ..I will take your offer to my manager and I should have an answer for you in a couple of hours  …talk to you soon ..”

Holly thanked him again almost giggling then she and Arlene walked out the door and into Holly’s car to head to the bar,they had just enough time to make the lunch rush .

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