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A Death

Holly Cleary

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Sexual A Death

Post by Holly Cleary on Sun Jan 11, 2015 11:52 am

She watched as Holly left then went to the back of the building .She used the trash cans to get high enough to reach the ladder that would take her to the roof .Once on the roof she found the sky light for Hollys store and looked down .She didn’t know how to break in but figured the sky light was the best place to start .She took her pry bar she brought with her and tried to pry the sky light off .It was a hard go but after an hour of prying at the corner she managed to crack the plastic which weakened the whole panel and it shattered down into the store leaving a huge whole for her to drop down in .The noise was deafening and had been heard throughout the mall but she didn’t care all she wanted was the book.

With sirens going off she scrambled through the store throwing books everywhere going as fast as she could though the store looking for the book .She came to the Hollys office flicking on the light but having it only blowing out on her .In the dark she started tearing through the office when she came upon Hollys alter  grabbing the table she threw the alter across the room in a fit of rage ,she screamed not caring who heard her .

It came in a whirling wind of fire and smoke to her side enveloping her ,lifting her off the ground ,and sucking her soul out of her before dropping her on the ground  pale ,dead ....

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