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With good comes the bad ...

Willa Burrell

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Sexual With good comes the bad ...

Post by Willa Burrell on Mon Jan 12, 2015 1:21 pm

Willa got back from the vet with Daisy everything looked good she got her sutures out and was healing well .Willa was still worried about her though ,if she lost her dogs she thought she would go insane .They were her family now with Miss Meow ,they were what she counted on for love and affection and it was enough.She was very over protective of them and once they got home Daisy wanted for nothing .Willa had her favorite bed all ready with her favorite bone laying beside it .Torque and Miss Meow were waiting on the couch for them to come home and once in the door Torque went crazy seeing Daisy ,it was like she had been gone for years .After the big hello they both settled on her bed and chewed her bone .

Vex was watching the whole escapade from the living room with a smile on his face ..

“Told you she would be fine ..see I know what Im doing …”

Vex said with laughter in his voice …

“Well I just wanted to be sure you know they are my family …and Tara would come back and kill  me if I let anything happen to her dogs …plus I love them  …so you dog sitting tonight ..I have class till 2 and I have to leave early due to a interview with the University paper …”

Willa looks at him with a smile and a wink ..

“Do I have a choice …what time do you have to leave ..”

“In about an hour …so I better start getting ready ….”

She headed up stairs leaving Vex to look after the pups .Picking out her clothes ,her makup,shoes and getting it all on took less than expected so she picked out some nice jewelry as an added touch then headed downstairs .Everyone was napping so she tiptoed to the kitchen to get her purse and bag for school then headed out the door ,if anyone noticed they didn’t say a word .

At school the interview ended early so she was early for her first class so she sat and went over her notes .Just before her class started she noticed that there were a couple other students sitting in on her lecture,there were 7 to be exact.Before she could say anything the professor started the lecture which lasted for 2 long hours.After it was over she caught one of the students before he had the chance to leave …

“  Hello Im Willa …I just wanted to ask you how come your taking this class ?”

“Oh hey Willa Im Josh ..I saw your interview on TV and I thought you were right …Im going to finish my Accounting degree and help our kind …you really opened my mind to better things …thanks ..but I got to go to my next class ..see ya around ..”

“Hey Thanks …”

She said to him as he ran out the door and down the grand hall .She gathered up her books looking over her class room feeling rather pleased with herself .She headed out the door and to her next class but along the way she was noticing something exciting the halls were fuller .The students were not leaving they were coming ,all ages were coming not in huge numbers but a few here and there were coming back to school .It looked like the new plan for a supernatural University was going to pay off for not only did she smell vampire but werewolf  and shifter.Her own story had such an impact that other supernaturals wanted things for their races as well .  She was elated nothing could have brought her down from this cloud she was on .The rest of her night flew by ,by the end she was electrified.Driving home was a challenge ,she wanted to speed through the city screaming she had never felt this good .

Busting through the door at home waking everyone up with her laughter ,Vex came running down the stairs pulling his robe on …

“What the hell are you doing Willa …you could wake the dead and probably have ..what is so funny …”

Trying to stay mad but looking at her so filled with joy standing there in the front entrance all beautifully disheveled .He walks up to her and gathers her in his arms and kisses her .She is totally stunned and shoves him back ,he flies and hits the living room wall …

“What in the holy fuck was that Vex ?”

Willa asks totally stunned, brought directly down from her cloud and a little angry that Vex would hurt their relationship by taking advantage like that .She comes into the house from the entrance pulling her coat off and throwing it, her purse and bag on the counter in the kitchen .Taking a deep breath she heads into the living room watching Vex pick himself up off the floor …

“Cough” “Cough”

“Im so sorry I don’t know what came over me …I mean I know what came over me ..I just don’t know why I did it …Im sorry Willa …please forgive me ..”

Vex sat on the floor a broken man .Willa finally knew why he stayed ,it had nothing to do with needing time to rest and get ready, it had everything to do with Willa .He was in love with her .She didn’t know what she was going to do .She had to get him out of the house and into the VA hospital for the PTSD program which was her plan all along but was now over due…

“Its ok Vex ..I forgive you …but we have a bigger problem now ..right …and we have to deal with it …but how about we talk about it in the morning …Im a little tired and I woke you up …So how about we do that …talk about it in the morning ?”

“Yeah sure Willa whatever you say  …in the morning …good night .”

Vex headed up stairs head bowed like a wounded animal ,she watched him as far as she could feeling terrible .But knowing this had to come to an end ,he had to go .It was for the best she couldn’t have a love sick man around her house hoping for something that just wasn’t going to happen .She locked up the house then headed up to her room with the furies following after her .

In her bed all cuddled in she thinks on how to approach Vex tomorrow ,she knows it isn’t going to be easy .But it has to be done no matter what ,no matter what he says .He has to leave her house tomorrow no ands , ifs or buts about it .

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