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A plan for the roommate

Willa Burrell

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Sexual A plan for the roommate

Post by Willa Burrell on Mon Mar 09, 2015 10:36 am

She came home early to find Stacey studying in the living room drinking red wine ,which she had taken up doing a lot lately .Willa wasn’t  worrying about the drinking per say it was what she was drinking .She had never drank red wine before it was always white but since she was so intrigued with vampires she had started with the red and Willa didn’t like it .

Stacey had been asking her all sorts of questions lately about her life as a vampire and then commenting how her life would be greatly improved as a vampire .It wasn’t every day she would bring this up but it was brought up enough that it was getting on Willa’s nerves .She was getting the feeling that this was the only reason Stacey wanted to be her roommate .Willa had a meeting with Chase and knew she had to bring it up in her session tonight or it was going to overwhelm her.

Leaving Stacey to her studying she said her goodbyes and headed out to a coffee shop Chase said they were to meet at .She got there in plenty of time and took a seat by the window and ordered .Waiting for Chase gave her time to get her thoughts in order .In deep thought she didn’t see Chase order at the counter and sit down…

“Wow Willa your in deep thought …how are you tonight ..?”

“Oh Chase I didn’t even see you sit down …yes very deep thought ..Im fine ..I guess …How are you ..how was you drive ..?”

“It was good ..my schedule is killing me though …Had a crazy test today but I think I aced it ..”smiling at Willa

“Oh thats wonderful …I like feeling good after I aced a test …”

“So are you going to tell me whats going on ..?”

“Well as you know I have a new roommate  …and she is great …couldn’t have asked for a better one …our hours work well and she loves the fur kids ..”

“But…”Chase asks

“But I think she wants me to turn her …lately she has been asking me about my life and about how I was turned …and if I would ever …and she wont leave it alone …she keeps saying being a vampire would help her life and so on …I know she wants me to turn her …I wont do it …I would never turn anyone …This life is a hard one to bare ..I would never do that to someone ..she has no idea ..”

“Is there anyway you can show her how hard it is …All she sees is your power and how fast your flying through school …she sees your perfect body and how you cant get hurt for the most part …she sees your life as being more …”

“Yeah well its not …I fight every day with what I am …I can see from the outside it might look easy but its not …just feeding myself is a chore ..my donor is having to move and I am having to find a new donor which he is helping me with but as a human you don’t have to do that …and there is the heavy racism we fight every day …no one like vampires even our own kind doesn’t like each other …we hate each other but hate being alone even more I think …I don’t even know how to be a proper vampire I wasn’t taught by my maker …thank god …I was taught by my sister Tara …I wasnt given any time with her either ..so my teachings were cut short …Im such a mess ..still so much human but so much a vampire as well ..so I don’t know what she sees but its not a proper vampire ..”

“Maybe that’s the problem Willa she doesn’t know what a proper vampire is ..maybe you should take her out and show her and that may change her view on vampires …If she sees a vampire out in the world feeding and living on the streets she may change her mind about being one of you.. Willa you aren’t the normal vampire that’s for sure ..you are trying to do something here for yourself and for your race …you cant let this detour you …you have a plan and you need to stick to it ..Now what about Vex how are things going there ?”

“Well to be honest since I have been thinking about Stacey I haven’t been thinking about Vex that much …Which is a good thing …He is where he needs to be and I am where I need to be ..maybe someday we can be friends again but Im not holding out any hope for that I just will let it happen if he can handle it …The guilt of what happened is still there but it has lessened …I cant take it all on myself he has to take some on as well…this is what I have been telling myself now …”

“That’s good because it wasn’t all your fault ..he is a grown man and he knew what he was doing …he knew he needed the hospital more then you did …have you been doing your home work and exercises ..its important ..”

“Yes I have and I have to say it does help …I have also started keeping a diary again ..I cant believe how much I missed that and how much it helps getting everything out on paper …”

“Im glad to hear that …well here is some more and a questionnaire for the class if you wouldn’t mind …how are you feeling about our meetings now that we have had a few ..?

“I feel that they have help me greatly and I am thankful that you asked me to be in your study …I feel better and no more muttering (laughing) ..I do feel good and that everything is in the right place if that makes any since ..”

“Yeah I understand ...”

They talked for another hour about Willa how her classes were going ,how the fur kids were doing and more about her roommate .They departed just after 10pm Willa headed home after going to the market for Stacey .She got home and walked in the door ,Stacey was still studying her bottle of red wine long gone …

“Hey Stacey do you want to go on a walk downtown with me  tomorrow night ..?”

“Ummm…what for …isn’t that where all the homeless vampires hang out ..?”

“Well yes it is …you have been asking me so much about vampires and how they live I thought you might want to go down there and see for yourself …youll be safe Ill make sure of that …we wont even be seen …you can see how they get their blood and what they do for entertainment maybe ..I don’t know I haven’t been down there for months …just a thought..”

“Well as long as it isn’t dangerous  it sounds interesting ..Im in ..”

“Well it will be dangerous ..no doubt of that we are going to be dealing with vampires after all… but Ill be sure not to let anything happen to you ..well bring the pups too..  it will be fun ..”Willa said smiling

“Ok then tomorrow night ..”

Stacey went back to studying but with a big smile on her face ,she was finally going to see what it was like being a real vampire .After that she would really start to work on Willa and break her down so she would have no other choice but to make her a vampire ..

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