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For The First Time

Sookie Stackhouse

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Sexual For The First Time

Post by Sookie Stackhouse on Wed Sep 05, 2012 9:46 am

"Take me home, Lord, take me home"
She couldn't stop singing it over and over in her head as she put another forkful of pie in her mouth. The last pie that her Gran had ever made, the last homecooked anything she would ever have from her best friend. It was still hard to believe she was gone, that she wouldn't ever see her again. She had lost everything now. She didn't want to speak to Jason anymore, didn't want to see his face; she had no mother, no father, no Gran. And Lord knew that Tara had enough going on in her life that I didn't need to bother her. And that left....


She put the glass dish in the sink, rinsing it and wiping it off before putting it away and heading upstairs to change. Her dress slipped off of her shoulders and down to the ground, pooling at her feet. She reached for the white gown and slid it on, her heart surprisingly steady as she did so. Knowing what was coming, she still couldn't bring herself to be scared; she knew he would be gentle with her, knew that he would love her tenderly. He was a gentleman.

The sun started to set as she descended the steps from her room; she made it to the door and threw it open, suddenly frantic to be in his arms. He would know she was coming. It was as though it was MEANT for them, this beautiful night. She gathered the bottom of her gown in her fists, and took off down the road towards the cemetary, eyes bright, breath coming faster, heart racing.... Then.....

She was in his arms.

You really never do forget your first; there, on the floor of old Jesse Compton's house, in front of the fireplace, she finally gave herself completely to a man. And she had no regrets.

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