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Who is Tara Mae Thornton

Tara Mae Thornton
Tara Mae Thornton

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Sexual Who is Tara Mae Thornton

Post by Tara Mae Thornton on Wed Aug 21, 2013 6:37 pm

Tara Mae Thornton is the former best friend of Sookie Stackhouse. They grew-up together and Tara has known Sookie, nearly all her life. Tara is the daughter of Lettie Mae Daniels, her father is never mentioned, however problems arose for Tara from a young age, as her mother was a chronic drunk, so much that she hardly had much to do with Tara growing-up, as Tara spent most her time at Sookie's to escape her mother's drunken escapades. The only other birth family she has is her cousin Lafayette Reynolds, however she has since not spoken to either very much since her transformation into a vampire.

Tara is very smart, even thought she never attended collage, and just has a basic high school diploma, However she has a very cynical nature, blunt and often confrontational with others, she is also not trusting at all, nearly always expecting everyone she knows to disappoint her at some point in there life, as she is so used to it, from her mother's constant screwing-up. However even thought she has such character flaws, she is above all extremely protective of her loved ones, even going to the point of some what hating those, she sees as a threat to her, or her friends. Which is why she is so opposed to vampire's at first. Tara it is important, to note has change very much since the beginning of the show, as at the start she is living with her troubled mother, and in the first season of the show we see her inability to hold her tongue, thus getting fired, this isn't because she is mad, or angry at a certain person, this is because she is always angry, all she needs is a focal point, and pity you, if you are that focal point. Aside from her mother Tara does not take sass from anybody.

Tara was classified as unemployable and costs from job to job, till she takes a job from Sam Merlotte, as a bartender, her and Sam attempted to have a romantic relationship, which does not work out for either of them, as Sam wants more, and Tara afraid of being hurt, breaks things off, still, she is a great fit as a bartender at Merlotte's, and he calls her on her sass, but she isn't easily quieted down, however she manages to keep things well enough to keep the job, and she finds it enjoyable to be able to see her best friend Sookie, whom works as a waitress at the bar, and grill as well as her cousin, who is a cook, Lafayette.

Tara meets *Eggs* Benedict Talley after moving in with Maryann, which even though her mansion appears to be the definition of paradise, she is talked into leaving and then moving in with her, then best friend Sookie. However Sookie ends up needing to go to Dallas, thus leaving Tara to her own devices, and having Tara run back to Maryann and Eggs, However instead of moving in with them both, she invites them to both live in Sookie's place. Tara finds herself falling deeply for Eggs, she has never really loved, nor opened-up to someone before Eggs, even thought Eggs, does not know much about his own past, and if he does, he is certainly not sharing, regardless, he and her find comfort with each other, as Tara's only other love was a clueless Jason Stackhouse, but he never returned her love. Eventually....she got over it.

Maryann is revealed to be something other then she claimed to be, and it is learned that *Eggs* ended-up being used to kill others for her, He is un-consolable and freaks out, immediately running from Tara, he is then killed by Jason Stackhouse, she falls to the ground and holds him, as he dies. It is not to far from that, that she encounters a utterly crazy vampire, named Franklin, who is little more then a sociopath, Franklin does not love her, or want to love her, he wants to control and possess her, this infuriates her, when she is not being glamoured, and leads again back to her hatred for vampires. Eventually he is killed, yet again by Jason Stackhouse.

Eventually trying to escape her life, which she deeds utterly and completely screw-ed, she leaves for New Orleans, taking the name Toni she becomes a cage fighter, but eventually she ends up coming back to Bon Temps, and after ending her relationship, with Naomi, so that her former girlfriend isn't stuck in all the drama that goes on in Tara's hometown. At the end of season 4, she is shot, by Alcide's ex-girlfriend, Debbie, after pushing Sookie out of the way, she is then turned into a vampire, by Pam. She is at first extremely angry that they both would turn her into her worst nightmare. She got a job at Fangtasia where Pam allowed her to be a bartender and part-time pole dancer. Later when a new vampire attempts to take control of Fangtasia, saying he was sent from The Authority, Tara kills him, we find out he was the new Sheriff, the vampire cops come, and Pam takes the wrap for it, and is taken into custody by then, eventually Sookie, Eric and the rest of the gang, storm the so-called castle, aka where The Authority lives, and free all those kept, one happens to be Pam, Tara and her share a kiss for the first time, and claim they have a date planned. Tara blames there possible romance, on the fact that she doesn't take any shit from anyone....including Pam....

Currently Tara is able to walk in the day light, and is taking care of Willa Burrell, a newbie vampire, and Eric Northman's prodigy, It was Tara who taught Willa how to glamour people, and while Pam is on her way to lord knows where, looking for Eric, Pam tells Tara to take care of Willa, which Tara plans to do, she is residing in Pam and Eric's cabin for the time being, with Willa.

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