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Lost in Paradise


Sexual Lost in Paradise

Post by Guest on Sat Aug 31, 2013 6:57 pm

Eva sat in her office at the golden sea horse. She had a break and needed to go through some emails. The past few day were hecktic with the whole true blood disaster and such. She needed to break away from the shipping company and focus on her gallery. It was where her true passion lay.
As she scrolled through the emails she notcied one form Valleria. Valleria was her fathers maid for the longest. It had been almost ten years since she spoke with her and here was a e-mail from her. Eva was kinda scared to open it. Ever since that day Val told her of her fathers passing. Evas mind back tracked to that frighttful day.


Evangeline sat on the porch of her home stairng at a blank canvis. Her home was along the bayou off the main road. Not many people live out there so it was very sucluded.
Her father ,Henry,didn't like her to be around humans. He feared humans actions towards them if they knew their secret. Humans tended to fear what they didn't know and fear brought the worst out of them.
Henry also didn't associate with their own kind. The Merfolk disowned him when he fell in love with eva's mother and for 200 years he hasn't spoken to them. Henry also didn't like talking to eva about them. He tried to keep her away form the sea as much as possible. Eva was lonely but she was used to it, after a 100 year of solitude it became apart of her. At times she did want a friend to talk to but she knew it was for the best.
Eva's father lived in town and would often send his maid Vallerie to check on Eva. The maid was one of the few trusted humans that knew their secret. Eva thought nothing when she seen her drive up. She sat her paint brush down and grabbed a rag. Eva walked to the edge of the porch with a smile whipping the paint from her hands.
"So, what does daddy have you doing today Val?" She asked crossing her arms. The maid wobbled quickly over to her. Eva noticed Val's eyes were blood shot and her face full of grief. Eva uncrossed her arms and walked down the steps to meet her. "Whats wrong?" she asked concerned. The maid hushed her head. "Lets go inside and I'll explain." Val tugged on her arm. "No Valerie tell me now." She demanded. The maid lowered her head. Val didn't want to break the news to her like this. "Damn it Val tell me?" She stomped her foot in anger.
"Your father..." Val finally spat out.
"My father what?" Eva asked. Val kept quiet. "My father what!" Eva screamed but she knew it was bad.
"Honey child he is gone." She looked up at Eva and a tear ran down her cheek."Gone, what you mean gone? Like back to France or....or" Eva didn't want to accept the truth. "No sha, he is gone to the great spirits." Val said.
Eva blinked a couple times in shock. She had just spoken to her father the other day. Eva shook her head."No! No you lie! He cant be.." She covered her mouth catching her breath. A hug lump formed in her throat. The look in Val's face told the whole thing was true. Eva's face torn into tears. She took off running into the woods. "Evangeline!" Valerie yelled but Eva ignored her. She kicked off her boots and threw off her dress she was wearing. She then jumped in to the cold bayou. Her legs turning into a golden rustic colored tail as soon as they were wet.

Val knew where she was going. She walked in to Eva's house and grabbed a towel and some clothes. She then walked to the dock . She slowly got inside the little motor boat and took off.
Eva swam screaming under the water. She surface still screaming. She punched and slapped at the water."WHY! WHY!" she cried out. The worn out Eva wiped the hair from her face. She slowly paddled her way to the bank of the bayou. She crawled on the bank and laid there face down.. the bottom of her tail stills in the water slapping it. She buried her face in her arms and cried. The human emotions tore at her and the pain overcame her body. She burind her face in her arms as tears flowed.

Between sobs Eva began to sing a old French lullaby. Her father would sing it to her when she was scared as a little girl. In some ways it gave her comfort. She turned over in her back. The tears slowly rolled down her face to the ground as the lyrics poured out. Eva could hear her fathers voice singing it to her. His voice echoing in her head.

Val rounded the corner and saw Eva on the bank. She pulled up along side her."Eva honey, we need to fulfill your fathers wishes. His body was to be returned to your people." Eva sat up."My people?! My people disowned him, just like my mother did. They are not my people." She said angrily.
"I know Eva but it's what he wanted and we have to respect that. Now come on, I need you. You are the only one who can talk to them." Val held her hand out.
Valerie helped her in the boat and wrapped a towel around her. She then started the boat up and took off back to the house. On the ride back Eva dried her tail so it would change back to legs. She was so lost. Her father, the only person in the world she loved was gone. Now she was truly alone.

The next few days were the hardest. Peperations were made for Henry's partners to take over his business, but Eva still had a say on what went on. Eva was to run the gallery and her decorating busniness. Val gave Eva Henry's jounery. She was instucted to give this to Eva if he should pass. It contained information on there kinda and also thing she need to know. Eva read throught a little of it to learn what to do for his furneral, his last wishes and all.
The funeral was rather long and unconfortable for her. Not knowing any of these people and having to force a fake smile on her face.She knew her father wanted her to be strong and thats what Eva did.
That after noon after the last peron left the funeral they packed up his coffin inside the hearse. Eva didn't even wait for the driver to open the door. She opened it herself and slid inside. She didn't like people waiting on her hand an foot. Over the years having that type of service got tiring.
When the body was properly loaded and secure the driver put the car in drive and headed out. They then made the long trip down to the gulf of mexico. The whole time Eva sat quietly looking out the window.She really didn't know what to expect. She only knew what her father had wrote down. The drive took a couple hours so it gave her time to read over the ritual.
The sun began to set when they arrived to the beach. A couple of his men brought his wrapped body out to the sea. They slowly sat it down on the beach. Eva nodded for them to leave and they did.
Eva's long flowing gown floated in the wind and water as she stepped in to the sea. She began to sing an call out for the mer people. The sadness in her voice carried over the waves out to sea. The morning song of her people was a beckoning call for them. She sang well into the evening.
The moon rose high over the ocean lighting up the sky. Eva stopped singing when she saw movement in the distance. She took a deep breath holding it for a moment before relieaing it. Even thought the journel explained everything she still was nervious.
The mermaids and mer men surfaced the water slowly. They watched her for a moment before swimming towards her. They stopped and watched her agian suddying her. The leader of them swam over to her.
"I heard of his passing, I am truly sorry." She bowed her head. Eva could tell she was very old. Her skin was pale and gray as the deep sea. Two other mermaids swam up and gripped her fathers body." Thank you. I know he wanted to be buried with his ancestors." Eva told the leader. The leader nodded and went to swim off. She stopped and turned her head"If you wish, you may join us." She offered Eva a chance to live with them. Eva thought about it for a moment but then shook her head. "No thank you I will be fine." The leader nodded and in a blink of an eye they were gone.

Back at home eva sat on the railing of her porch looking up at the moon. Her pain still aching in her heart. So she began to sing. The only way she knew how to express such pain and emotion beside painting.
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I've been believing in something so distant
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One day we won't feel this pain anymore

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Cause they won't let me go

Until I have nothing left
And all I feel is this cruel wanting

We've been falling for all this time
And now I'm lost in paradise

Alone, and lost in paradise"

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