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Not alone anymore ?

Willa Burrell
Willa Burrell

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Sexual Not alone anymore ?

Post by Willa Burrell on Tue Aug 12, 2014 10:50 am

As Willa was cleaning the house for the tenth time she was wondering if anyone would come visit today it had been days since she had seen anyone including Hep-V vamps .It was like since she had released herself and she had been forgotten as soon as it happened not just by Eric and Pam which she knew would happen but by the whole town .It was like she was a player without a play ,no one had even tried to make contact with her .

She got the pups ready to make their nightly rounds of the property .It was a beautiful night just enough breeze to cool the southern heat of the day .They headed out enjoying their walks together ,she was never much of a dog person until she met Tara’s babies .Now you couldn’t pry them away from her their bond was so strong ,she had taught them a few more tricks since Tara had been gone ,Willa had hoped Tara would be happy with the way she was looking after her dogs .About midway through their border patrol Willa got a phone call ,the ring startled her she jumped …

“Hello…this is Willa Burrell..”

“Willa …(in a whisper)…this is Clay …I need your help …there in here …”

“Clay …where are you …who is after you …”

“Hep –V vampers ….there are about 3 of them they all ready ate my girlfriend …please Willa come to my house I need help …”

“Ok Clay …Ill be right there …”

She and the pups run back to the house and she puts the them away and speeds to Clays house .She silently looks in the window and sees all three vampires feeding on a woman and a man which is not Clay .She looks all over the living room and cannot find Clay she texts him …

“Where in the hell are you ..”

“Im in the bedroom on the left under the bed …”

She moves around to the back of the house and slowly opens the window of the room she believes to be the room Clay is in …

“Clay ..are you here (she whispers)…are you in here…”

She quickly looks around the bedroom, he was nowhere .She sneaks a look out the hallway  and moves swiftly into the next bedroom and almost falls over Clay making a loud crashing sound when she falls .The Hep-V vamps all look down the hall ,one gets up and moves down the hall toward the room they are in .He goes to the other room first and moves stuff around then heads to the room Willa and Clay were hiding in .Willa takes out the stake that was in her jacket and waits for the vamp to come further into the room .She steps in front of him and with the swiftness of a healthy vamp stabs him and covers his mouth at the same time not making a sound as he implodes and hits the floor .She goes to the door and looks out seeing no one else coming she grabs Clay and they head out the window and down the street .

Slowing down to a fast jog they head to Willa’s car she left a few blocks away .They get in and head to her house .Speeding down the road Willa asks…

“Are you ok …were you bit or anything …how were you found …what happened …”

“Yes Im ok ..no I wasn’t bit as soon as they came in I hid …They must have followed Lisa’s friend to our house …they smashed in all the windows and then threw fire bombs in so we would run out …Sam did just that and they had him …he let them in and the rest is history ….I have nowhere to go now …no one Lisa was my only family everyone else is gone …my mom died this morning …I wasn’t lying to you about her you know …”

“Im sorry Clay …you can come stay with me for awhile if you want …with Tara gone my house is sure empty right now …you have to play by my rules …and you have to keep to the house …Im are secluded there and I want to keep it that way …ok”

“Yes anything …I just need a place to think things out for a little bit …Ill do what ever you say Willa …thank you …”

They headed to the house and up the drive to the house .She entered first as the pups were not accustom to strangers .They jumped all over her as she entered but once they saw Clay they turned on their official guard dog look and growled at him hackles raised ears back .She soothed them and they allowed Clay into the house but were watching him all the time .She showed him to the guest room and he hit the bed and fell into a fitful sleep .About 3 hours later he woke and came down stairs ,Willa and the fur babies were all cuddled on the couch watching a movie , the pups barked as they saw Clay descending down the stairs .Willa looked at him and asked…

“How are you feeling now ..”

“Better …thank you …how about you.. you must be hungry its been about week since I last fed you…and I owe you tons so lets get you fed I want you 100% incase we have to go through this again ..”

He sat beside her and held out his arm .She looked at him and hungrily dropped fang , bit him and greedily drank  .When she was done she closed up the bite marks and sat back feeling much better .She got up and went to the fridge and looked to see what was eatable inside .She found the makings for an omelet so she quickly whipped up and omelet for Clay and sat it on the table for him with some wine and called him to the dining room …

“Clay I have made you something to eat …its not the greatest but until we get some food in the house for you this will have to do …”

He came in and ate it happily ,he had never been so hungry he thought .Once done he did the dishes and returned to the living room .It was near sunrise so Willa decided she would go outside to her secure sleeping space instead of her room until she gets to know Clay better and bids him a good day .As she settles goes into her day sleep she thinks well at least Im not alone anymore …

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