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Soon My Love

Bill Compton
Bill Compton

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Sexual Soon My Love

Post by Bill Compton on Sun Oct 07, 2012 12:24 pm

Bill could hear Jessica call after him, her voice echoing in the eerie silent night, his feet continuing to carry his away from her. His feet padded along the crisp dirt as stones and rocks were kicked up in his wake. His blood tears continued to flow more freely now as they flooded down his pale face and dripped down his chin to soak into his black shirt.

All those memories that he had fought to regain, broke against him like a tidal wave against a free flowing barrier that had burst open. His body shuddered as his mind flashed through with all the forgotten memories that he had wanted to remember. But it seemed now he wished he could forget them all.

Blood.....Screams.......All those people that he had killed. Murdered.

He could hear them all as his feet continued to take him to an unknown destination, his mind blank as he could see the image of the woman he loved flash through the mind of the woman he loved.

The woman he loved. Was. Dead.


He silently prayed for Jessica...Praying that he was doing the right thing. He fought with this decision. But deep down he knew this was the best. Jessica would be free from him, free from all the pain and suffering that he had caused her.

As he took in the surrounding of where he now was.

*Bon Temp Cemetery*

He broke through the clustered trees and he now stood on a hill that exposed to the bright night sky, shades of yellow and red filled the air around him as his sense picked up the rising of the morning sun.

Now stood on the perch of the mounted hill, his eyes staring into the horizon.

Soon It would all be over.

The words slid of his moist lips as he stood firm and tall as he waited. Soon he would see her again.

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