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Space and Time

James Kent

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Sexual Space and Time

Post by James Kent on Sun Sep 29, 2013 2:17 pm

James woke still thinking about his plan. He knew she needed closure with her ex, and from what the guards said, she had gone to see him last night. That made this easier, as she would probably rise late. He pulled out a piece of paper and the beautiful quill pen he had found in the study.

I’ve been thinking about letters recently.  
The real kind, long hand.  and how terrible
it is that  nobody’s writing them any more.  
And so I decided to start one to you today.  
And, I’m going to write to you  
everyday, for a long, long time.  
Because I think I might be in danger  
of falling in love with you.
I know you have your own things to face  
so I am leaving you this letter and
I will give you the time and space you asked for..
The guards will have my contact details
in case you wish to reconnect when things feel simpler.
I do care about you and want you to be happy.
I hope to see you again
Perhaps the fates will be kind.
-James Covington

Sealing the letter and writing her name on it, he called to the guard outside his sleeping area and asked him to deliver the letter to Jessica as soon as he left the estate. He was handed a letter in return. He saw Jessica's beautiful script on the envelope but tucked it into his pocket for later. He needed to go now or he might not leave. He needed to give her what she needed, and he had a few things to sort out himself. As he stepped out the gate, he nodded to the guards.

"I'll be back, I'm just not sure when. Tell her not to worry."

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