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Merry Christmas

Willa Burrell

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Sexual Merry Christmas

Post by Willa Burrell on Mon Dec 29, 2014 9:19 am

Sitting around the fire she glanced over at Vex ,at least she wasn’t alone this Christmas like she thought she was going to be .Dreading the season was one thing she was doing before Vex showed up.Having a Christmas without Tara was hard enough but to know she was going to be doing it alone nearly broke her heart .That’s why when Vex showed up and stayed made this Christmas a happier one for Willa.

They started with champagne orange juice and presents in the morning ,then she made little eatables for the afternoon and a small Turkey dinner for the evening.She actually enjoyed to cook ever since she started making treats for the furred ones.Vex was loving every minute of it ,he hadn’t had a Christmas at home in many years .After dinner they sat around the fire …

“I want to thank you for this Willa …I haven’t had a Christmas like this in many years …in a home …with family ..and I do consider you family ..”

Tipping his glass of wine to her …

“Why thank you Vex that means the world to me …you know if you hadn’t shown up I would be sitting here all alone …So I thank you …and yes I consider you family as well …Vex…can I ask you a question ?”

“Of coarse anything…  well almost anything ..”

Chuckling and smiling at Willa…

“Well Im still worried about your PTSD and I would like to know how you are feeling about it ?”

Watching him for any change in his body language. Instantly tensing his muscles Vex changes the way he is sitting and puts his glass on the table bows his head and then looks at Willa …

“I know your worried and Im worried too…..I feel that some days are good but the bad days are very bad …and I think Im ready to go talk to someone …I have finally got in contact with my head officer to let him know Im alive and reported everything that went down and they offered treatment and placement back in the Seals if I want it ….So I have made an appointment with the Veterans Hospital for the 1st week in the new year to see what its all about …who knows I may be able to return to active duty ..”

He said all this with a gleam in his eye but a shake in his hands …

“Oh Vex that’s great …Im so proud of you to be taking these steps to get your life back …I think you will do well….would you like for me to go with you to your first appointment ?”

“Actually I was hoping you would …Im a little nervous about it  …”

“Sure you got it…Now how about more wine ?”

Willa went into the kitchen to get some more wine ,she was so happy  for Vex because she didn’t want to do what she was planning .She skipped back into the living room with furries at her heels and jumped on the couch next to Vex kissing him on the cheek …

“What was that for ?”

“Im just so happy you’re here spending Christmas with me ..”

Giving Vex a huge hug ,Willa took her wine glass and filled it then filled Vexs and gave it to him …

“Here… to great friends …Merry Christmas !!!!”

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