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Christmas at the Bellefleurs

Holly Cleary

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Sexual Christmas at the Bellefleurs

Post by Holly Cleary on Mon Dec 29, 2014 12:17 pm

Christmas at the Bellefleurs was loud , messy, hair raising but full of love .It started at 7 in the morning and didn’t quiet down until 11 ,4 hours of presents kids screaming and laughing,it felt good .Getting up from her spot by the tree Holly went to get another coffee in the kitchen which was a disaster as well .With the turkey in the oven and the ham in the smoker  the rest of the dinner was laid out on the counters .She moved things around so she could get to the coffee machine to make another pot, Arlene walks in …

“Having problems hon ?”She asks with coffee cup in hand.

“No just looking for some more space ..which there is none ….could you believe those kids this morning …its like they are all 5 again ….” Laughing shaking her head .

“Oh I know …and when Wade gave Adelyn that ring I thought every glass in the house was going to break …the sound that came out of that girls mouth ….”Putting her finger in her ear wiggling it …”Did you know he was going to do that ..give her that beautiful ring ?”

“No and if I did I would have told him not to …to soon to be giving rings don’t ya think …I mean I love Adelyn but what happens if they break up …and now he has given her a ring …think about it ….means even more now with a ring ….this whole thing is fucked ….well Im sorry but it is ….” Finally getting the coffee started she looks over at Arelen.

“Yeah I see what your saying …It is fucked…but they love each other and nothing is going to change that right now …we all have to live in this house… and get along so I guess we have to accept it …for now …The kids sure did like the Play Station they got and all the games …they will never leave the TV now …”Smiling to Holly .

Holly was worried about the ring Wade gave Adelyn and what it meant .Things were going way too fast for her liking and the kids were not going to put on the breaks so someone was.They were going down a steep road and Holly was afraid they were going to crash and she really didn’t want that ,she loved Adelyn .But the question was how was she going to slow things down .She wanted to pull Wade aside and talk to him about it but she was afraid that all she would get back it don’t worry, I lover her, what could go wrong .If she told him what could go wrong he would just shut down and that would be that ….

“Holly …hey did you hear me …I said how about talking to them both and seeing whats up …instead of talking to just Wade …I mean you know men ….I would talk to both of them together …” Arlene said while pouring herself the first cup of newly brewed coffee.

“Huh…oh yeah ..that is a good idea then it takes the guess work out of it …I just thought ..what if they want to get married or something like that …oh dear Goddess…could that be what the ring is for…you don’t think do you ?” looking over at Arlene with pleading in her eyes .

“Aaaa…I don’t know Holly ….I hate to be the one to say it but it could very well be  ..or it could just be a Christmas present…I mean if he asked her to marry him wouldn’t he do it in private ….you know I didn’t hear him propose did you ?”Wringing her hands like she does when she gets nervous.

“I couldn’t hear my own thoughts in there with all the racket of opening the  presents  so I could have missed something ..”Holly admitted while pouring herself a coffee and sitting down.

Andy came bursting through the door cup in hand …

“That coffee ready yet Holly …I sure do need another cup ..”Looking around seeing Holly and Arlene .  “Ok what the hell is going on ..you two look like you seen a ghost ..”Taking the coffee pot and pouring a cup.

“Andy did you hear anything about the ring Wade gave Adelyn ..like what it was for …?”

“What do you mean what it is for …it’s a Christmas gift ..what else would it be for ?” Wondering what in the hell Holly was talking about .

“Oh I don’t know a marriage proposal maybe …”She said looking sheepish .

“Oh kno its not ..”He declared in a loud voice getting ready to go back into the living room and talk to the kids.

“Hold on Andy ..thats just what I think I don’t know for sure …we need to talk to them …not today though ..its Christmas ..”She said looking around the kitchen cluttered with food .

“So Im suppose to go back in there and pretend that nothing is wrong ?”Drinking his coffee down.

“Yes because there may be nothing wrong ..it may be the ramblings of a freaked out  mother …ya know …so we got ta wait to talk to them and not on Christmas…so you have to keep quiet about what I think ok Andy …as far as anyone thinks it’s a Christmas present …now we better get on cookin hey Arlene ..”

Arlene gets up from leaning against the wall and gives Holly a salute and heads to the counters .Andy heads back out to the living room to watch over the kids .Holly and Arlene work for hours getting the meal ready mostly chatting about the bar and bookstore while they work and by 4 o’clock they had a beautiful supper for the family .

“Alright everyone supper is on ..”Arlene yells out of the dining room  .

Andy and the kids hurry to the table .They all find their seats ,Holly gives a blessing and everyone digs in .She watches her family enjoying what she and Arlene had made and sighed ,she couldn’t have chosen a better family to be apart of if she had chosen it herself .She says a quiet payer to the Goddess then starts to eat .Hoping against hope that Wade and Adelyn are smarter than she was at their age and the ring, is just a Christmas present after all..

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